Merle will escape with Daryl. Rick's group will think he has changed, after alot of convincing from Daryl. Tyresse's group will agree to help Rick out. Daryl will be killed by walkers. Ben and Beth start a relationship, and Carol starts one with Tyresse. Tyresse cheats on her with Michonne. Carol DOES NOT commit suicide, rather starts new one with Axel. Merle leads Philip back to the prison (like Martinez in the comics) Rick and crew go back to Woodbury to stop him, and meet Alice along th way. She returns with them. Gov will attack the prison, causing Andrea to realize he's a monster and side with Rick's group once again. During the course of the attack, Tyresse, Sasha, Allen, Axel, and Alice are killed. Carol tries to run away with Judith, they are shot by Rowan and both die. Rowan kills Philip because she killed Judith. The remaining survivors are: Rick, Carl, Glenn, Maggie, Beth, Hershel, Ben, Michonne, and Andrea. They go back to the Greene family farm, and mourn the deaths of their friends.