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  • Cartman is awesome

    Het everybody. It seems lot's of people make these blogs after a new issue/episode is released. So, I just wanted to be first. There are a few topics I want to cover.

    1: Will Carl get his hat back? (this is  VERY important)

    2: "The Kingdom" seems a lot like ancient kingdoms. The men are on Horseback, have armor, and fricking swords. What the hell? King Ezekiel has a pet named Shiva. Where'd he get it?

    3: Dwilight. Good or Bad?

    4: What's Spencer planning? My guess is killing Rick (which would be the first interesting thing he has done).

    5: Ezekiel mentioned Gregory (leader of Hilltop) was a coward. So, that leads to two other questions. Does this mean that Kenneth (mentioned by Jesus as the leader when he first met Rick) does not exist, or at th…

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  • Cartman is awesome

    So me and a few other people are having a debate if people like Shupert, Nate, Crowley, the Hermit, Haley etc. count as characters. I believe they do. EVERYONE is a character. So let's leave it to the blogs. Pick a side, and let the rage begin *evil laugh*.

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  • Cartman is awesome

    Safer on the road?

    February 23, 2013 by Cartman is awesome

    So Yesterday, A friend of mine and I were talking about The Walking Dead and he asked an interesting question. "Why did people only start dying when they made it to the prison, which was supposed to be ultra-safe." I was stumped. My answer was that they couldn't kill anybody between seasons and they couldn't do a season on the road. The problem is, in all realism they would die on the road.


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  • Cartman is awesome

    Top 10

    February 10, 2013 by Cartman is awesome

    Who are your top ten favorite characters from the Comics and the show? Do your ten favorite good guys and ten favorite bad guys. I can't do the game because of the lack of villians.

    Comic good guys:

    1: Abraham Ford

    2: Glenn

    3: Michonne

    4: Rick Grimes

    5: Carl Grimes

    6: Andrea

    7: Paul "Jesus" Monroe

    8: Axel

    9: Allen

    10: Dr. Eugene Porter

    Comic Villians:

    1: Negan

    2: The Governor

    3: Thomas Richards

    4: Chris (Hunter)

    5: Dexter

    6: Shane

    7: Derek

    8&9&10: the road bandits

    TV good guys

    1: Daryl

    2: T-dog

    3: Rick Grimes

    4: Dale Horvath

    5: Glenn Rhee

    6: Michonne

    7: Maggie Grenne

    8: Oscar

    9: Carl Grimes

    10: Tyresse

    TV Villians:

    1: The Governor

    2: Merle Dixon

    3: Shane Walsh

    4: Tomas

    5 and 6: Dave and Tony

    7: Randell

    8: Andrew

    9 and 10: Tim and Crowley

    Note: I know this is disorganised, sorry f…

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  • Cartman is awesome

    A Question

    January 19, 2013 by Cartman is awesome

    Here it goes: Why does everyone think Allen and Ben will die right at the begining of second half of season 3, and that Tyresse will make it out of the prison?

    I know the show is different from the comics, but still, I don't think Tyresse should meet Abraham or Morgan. Ben and Allen can actually contribute something to the show, I don't want them to be like Big Tiny and die right away.

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