Hey guys Carter West Back again, I assume most of you saw A last night and we finally had the introduction of Gareth! I know alot of us have been waiting a long time for this, now, the main question on everyone's mind is..... WHO is Gareth really? Many people say that he is a cross between Gabriel Stokes who is a protagonist and Chris who is an antagonist. My main question to you guys is, Do you think that Gareth is just another antagonist OR do you think he was just doing what was necessary to protect his people? let look at his situation for the layout of possibilities shall we?

1. He is another Antagonist This seems to be a significantly good option based on the actions by him in A, we meet him and he seems friendly enough and even welcomes them with open arms (or so it seems) after Ricks group shows their weapons he allows them into Terminus. During the tour he eventually has to show his true colors and rounds up the group into a train car with the other captives. (Sure doesnt make him look like a good guy to alot of people)

Ok with that said lets look at the other option.

2. He did what needed to be done to save his people (except Alex RIP): In the similar situation stated above, he welcomed them to Terminus with open arms,had Alex give them a tour of the area and Mary offered them a plate of food. Rick and his group feel threatened after noticing a few of there group items in the possession of Terminus survivors. Gareth tries to make peace but the new comers take out there weapons and act hostile taking Alex hostage. After atempts to calm the situation fail Alex is killed and the shootout erupts. Gareth has them rounded up and puts them in a holding car till everything calms down.

Maybe he did this to see if they can truly trust them? Maybe he kept them as the next meal? Id like to hear your theories and ideas. We got plenty of time (7 months fml) till next season. Leave your ideas in the comments below. Thanks to everyone for reading!