Hi Guys Carter here, this is my first blog so please bare with me (also my spelling isn't the best so keep that in mind). I have seen alot of people say their own theories about Joe's group. Even some as saying that they may be the Hunters from the comic series. Personally I think this may be possible. But I would like to hear what you think. Also if it is infact the Hunters, who do you think will take the place of Dale? I personally think it could be either Daryl or Beth as they seem to be in the worst situation. Especially since the other groups are still united and together. So are the Maruaders and the Hunters one in the same? Or are they two eintierly diffrent groups? Could the Maruders be actually benifital to the group or will they be killed off quickly?

Please leave your comments and theories below. Thanks and also some feedback on how to make a better blog would be awesome.