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Hounded: Get Ready For Some Love and Guts!

I am posting my thoughts on tonight early because I won't be around later.

First, on Andrea and Philip getting together - yes, please! I know it would be wrong on acertain level for Andrea, but they have so much chemistry together. Looking forward to seeing that! Plus, guys, admit it, Philip is a very handsome man, despite his obvious flaws. I've heard whispers of a sex scene, and I'm hopeful! People will say Andrea is a whore and all this, but admit it - given the zombie apocalypse, who wouldn't start hooking up? It goes well with her character.

As for my girl Michonne - anything but romance! Looking forward to the swordfight between her and Merle. We see she has some blood on her shoulder ( which I heard comes from a zombie she spears).

Glen and Maggie getting kidnapped definitely puts a damper on the episode, but spices up the plot and lets us know Woodbury will eventually find the prison, and vice versa. Can't wait to see Michonne meet Rick!

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