I am not sure if these have been shared yet, but here ya go!






Things I noticed:

Carol is shocked at the end of the trailer, like extremely. It looks to be the same yard as where Tyreese and Rick fight, and in the main comicon trailer her hand is seen if you pause and look carefully when they fight. So that possibly shocks her, but then the area also looks like where Tyreese found presumably a body.

Rick is seen running through the long fields where he spots Carol and calls to her, shouting run this time. So something bad is happening there.. so now I am very scared.

Beth popped up again.. for a second.

Same cell is shown in both with the white cover.

Sasha in a dark room, something is behind her in the back and her hands looks like it is running down glass or she is trying to reach out.

The knife grab shown in all the trailers is back. They are either trying to throw us off, or it will have some sort of significane. I believe it is Carol and the little girl who has been stalking.. sorry, hanging around her :3

Hershel lost hope? "There is no stopping it"