Melissa McBride is series regular (main cast), same as Green, Coleman and Kinney. Links show that Melissa has been a series regular sometime before S3-- and that Kinney, Coleman and Green are SERIES REGULARS (were promoted to)

Proving that if Coleman, Green and Kinney are being put as Main Cast for being promoted to Series Regulars then Melissa should also be Main Cast for S4 and S3 as she has been a series regular for both and possibly S2.



AND if you go on Carol's character page:

  • Due to common misconception, Melissa McBride said on twitter "but I currently am a series regular. It's legalese." meaning she has been a main character all of season 3, if not season 2 but has yet to appear in the opening credits.

I'd edit the pages of S3 and S4, but the protection level is up. So can we fix this now...