Eps 409: Carl and Rick will arrive in a house they will spend the night in.Beacause of Rick's injuries Rick passes out and it shows Carl surviving on his own.Shows how the other survivors surviving and the death of evryone on the bus Glenn being the only survivor.

Eps 410: Glenn finds Maggie Bob and Sasha who decide to go to Herchels farm.Rick and Carl decide to leave the house and look for the others.They end up finding Michonne and Tyresse with the kids of course.They arrive to the farm to find Daryl,Beth,Maggie,Bob,Sasha and Glenn.

Eps 411: Abraham's group's arrives and tells them about Washington.The farm gets attacked by walkers and they go with Abraham.

Eps 412: Rick decides to find Morgan and take him with them.Abraham,Rick and Carl head for Their hometown until they are attacked by bandits which Rick murders.They find Morgan and convince him to come with them.Meanwhile back at camp Mika dissappers who they look for and find a piece of her body.Which interduces the hunters.