Eps 413: It shows the hunters eating mika and talking about rick's group.Glenn,Bob and  Daryl start searching for Mika meanwhile the others are trying to calm lizzie down.When Rick,Abraham,Morgan and carl come back to the group to find everyone crying.When they learn what has happened Rick want's too look for her on the other hand Abraham wants to leave.Rick goes out to look for her.He stumbles upon Father Gabriel who invites them to his church.When they get to the church they start to find out more about Gabriel who seems frightened or nervous by them.Rick confronts him and Gabriel apologizes and shoots Glenn.

Eps 414: Rick threatens Gabriel and asks him what is going on.Gabriel says that the hunters took the little girl.

and eat her and that he works with the hunters to survive.Rick immdeatliy asks Gabriel where they are at right

now.Gabriel ansers but right after he does Carl kills Gabriel.Glenn was shot on the leg which Eugene treated.

Rick, Daryl, Tyresse,Morgan,Abraham and Michonne go after the hunters and kill them.Rick is really affected with what they 

did to them and tells abraham everything which Carl hears and says that  he wanted to murilate the hunters with them.