Telltales first season of the Walking Dead gave us tough decisions that can be argued being the correct choice. For the upcoming 2nd season of the video game we may be provided even more difficult choices. The point of this blog post is to list difficult choices that the main character might encounter I'll go first.

During a harsh winter your group encounters a sign on a highway you're traveling on. It states that a national guard station is off the next stop 150 miles away. But your group wants to go a different path, so you decide that you should investigate it. You find a huge abundance of weaponry at the guard station and had no difficulty in obtaining the stuff. On the way back your vehicle breaks down never to be driven again. From this point on you are forced to walk back to the rest of the group, but some of your group members are beginning to starve and are on the verge of passing out plus the cold weather and deep snow isn't making the trip back any easier. You press on thinking of not wanting to end up dead on the highway as you the main charcter has a pregnant girlfriend of which to get back to and you are willing to do it at any cost. While traveling back you see a figure in the distance you yell out, but no response. As you close the distance between you and the figure you find that he is wearing a hoodie. As you proceed to take off the hoodie you find that it is a boy close to the age of 13 with half his head bashed in. Suddenly one of your group members is puking blood and on the verge of death you spot an auto shop where you can spend the night at, but you and the group you took with you especially the man on the verge of death need food. You are then given a choice go to the autoshop without the body and watch your ally die or hull the body into the autoshop and hack it to pieces and feed your comerades with the remains of the boy.

That is my example post your own examples of what might happen next season.