Throughout the past month I've been looking through Danny's wikia page. Many players felt that Danny was arguably the morally right person to choose, I am making this blog post to prove otherwise.

Throughout Vince's story you get backgrounds on both charcters that you are chained with. Justin is a network marketer that orchestrated a pyramid scheme in order to get millions. Danny's background on the otherhand is rather limited and only his crime of raping a young girl is revealed.

When further conversation between the cons insue both have different opinions on honesty. When put on the spot Danny spilled everything to the court while Justin lied and said he didn't know what he was doing. But when on the bus Justin was completely truthful and Danny shied away from his crime and told Justin that "It ain't like that." So it seems that when put on the spot Danny is more likely to be honest yet will lie to Vince and Justin when no legal pressure is applied to him.

Another reason as to why Danny wasn't the morally right decision was his impulsivness. Danny was revealed to act solely on instinct rather than thinking or being cautious. Danny seems to be the guy that is small minded who would never think outside of the box. Danny's impulsivness caused him to rape a girl without looking at the bigger picture.

In concluson, I am not trying to say that Justin was any better, but he was just as bad for different reasons. The choice of which who you want to travel with isn't based on morals or goodness of the individual it's the type of evil you want to accompany you on your journey through the zombie apocalypse.