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Greetings fellow walking dead fans. An idea has surfaced in the chat of an official Walking Dead Wiki Youtube Channel! This blog serves as an explanation as to why this could benefit the Wiki in so many ways. Now are you ready, then let's start explaining.

How this could benefit the wiki

It's obvious that a youtube channel could bring more users to an already bustling wiki but an official youtube channel endorsed by the wiki could fill a large gap in the infinite youtube video collection. Sadly there is no true channel dedicated to Walking Dead updates and news, episode and issue reviews and everything walking dead related. The closest currently available is Trevschan 2, 1% of IGN's videos and about 20% of AMC's video's. (When they do post Walking Dead content it's really just trailers and behind the scenes.)

An official channel with admin support could increase the information this wiki provides dramatically and can make news more accessible to the everyday fan. Seriously would a viewer rather read a long blog detailing new information or speculation or have it in video format?

Why the channel would work

For a youtube channel to work immense planning is required. As is support from a larger organization (The wiki itself) and an understanding of youtube's programmed algorithms. People do not just start channels and become famous. I understand how youtube is programmed and how the videos become recommended and a wikia channel could work perfectly and I'll explain why.

How youtube works

Now I wont sit here and explain the programming code behind everyone's favorite video sharing tool however I will explain how the wiki is perfect for youtube. Video's are generally promoted around the location of which it was posted. You upload the video in England it's promoted to users on English servers. This channel would be made up of multinational users posting from a variety of locations. It's bally perfect. Not only that but the way youtube decided which video to promote is through a little thing called "retention time" the longer a viewer watches the video the more likely it is the video will be promoted. This also tracks whether viewers are stepping from video to video, watching more and more of the channels contents. With a team of people dedicated to uploading on a schedule this algorithm could be easily exploited.

My view on how it should be implemented

This segment is purely opinionated, this my view on how this channel should work. Now for this channel to work properly there must be a certain standard of professionalism. For this standard to be kept I propose a new staff position. The admins decide on a password and give this password to anyone who is granted this new staff position. To earn the title you should apply the same way as any other accept you should supply a sample video along with the application to show what the applicant is capable of. A series idea and video schedule should also be given.

Sadly I believe an age limit should also be implemented as these people will be broadcast and I'll be frank, it will not look professional if we have very young users representing us. As for the age limit... 16? that seems fair.

A plea to the admins

Of course we need permission the use the wiki's name so I'm asking the admins to support this. There's a mass of users willing to dedicate their time to and support the channel. I will be adding polls to this blog to hopefully prove the community support. If you have any questions on the subject feel free to ask.


Should the wiki have a youtube channel?

The poll was created at 23:38 on December 31, 2013, and so far 122 people voted.


Thank you for reading my explanation. I await your comments and possible flaming. If you support the idea add this template to your page!


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