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TDT blog 07 Daryl vs A Tank?

The dead theories 2.1


Ahoy there Ladies and Gentlemen, I've got a question for you. Do you lot remember that time I posted these blogs once a week? HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE, me neither. Anyway I'm doing another blog about Daryl! The reaction from my loving fans on the last Daryl blog I did was enough for me to do another....

My loving fans

Okay, I swear that's the last TDT 03 joke I'll make.... today (It takes me several days to write these blogs I'll have you know) Oh I'm so incredibly bitter... Anywhore, is it me or did Darl 1v1 a tank and win? Does that even make sense? Nah, not really. So I suppose you can call this my first sequel blog! Fitting that I make my first sequel to my most well receives blog.... HUEHUE! (Okay, I promise I'll stop now, then again I promised to make these blogs weekly so take this promise as you like.)

Once again The prick of England is back with another theory. This is seventh blog in my series of over analytical blogs where I attempt to make jokes and educate simultaneously. I have called these blogs "The Dead Theories" (Publically displaying fan comments since right now!) and in each one I shall look into different moments our favourite franchise and dissect them for everything they're worth. So lets get on with it then!

Tackling a Tank

Daryl vs tank

Alright so here's two facts to start us of. (FACT: Derle Duxon is OP as all hell!) and (FACT: Tanks are bloody difficult to take down!) So what happens when two unstoppable forces collide? AMC chickens out and services the fangirls bdum tsst Anyway, lets give AMC the benefit of the doubt and entertain the idea of a redneck winning a brawl will a bally tank... We need to consider:

1.) What kind of grenades Daryl was using.

2.) The tank and the circumstances.

I can't believe I'm entertaining this idea... What an I doing with my life? Hmm? Oh yeah, lets get on with it then...

1.) What kind of grenades Daryl was using.

Mk2 Grenade render

Okay so this is pretty easy to work out... It doesn't take a mastermind to work out that prisons don't stock lethal grenades. so it stands by logic that the grenade Daryl used on the tank was an MK2 "pineapple" Fragmentation Grenade. These grenades were taken from Morgan in clear... How he got his hands on a type of grenade discontinued in the 1970's, I'll never know. Besides We're a viable source of information after all.

So what can we determine about the grenade? Well it post WW2,we can determine this by the fact that it didn't make a loud hissing when the fuse was activated. It's a bog standard, high explosive frag, not filled with TNT, it would me completely yellow other, not just marked. The grenade would take 4-5 seconds to explode due the that fact that it as either a M5, M6, or M10 series fuse.

So lets ignore the fact that these grenades obviously have faulty (inconsistent) fuses, that go off whenever they like. This can be seen when one goes off after about 2 seconds and then another takes about 7 seconds. Lets instead look at these like regular somewhat functioning grenades. So lets continue....

2.) The tank and the circumstances.

So we all know, Mitch drives an 1971 Chrysler M60 Patton Tank. (Which is odd, they were retired from service in 1997.) Meh, TV show not grounded in reality and what not. Now could it be taken down by a grenade? Well actually, that depends on one of three circumstances. Those being:
TFG Patton Cover

1.) The Breech is open.

2.) The Breech is closed and loaded.

3.) The Breech is closed and empty.

Alright, first of all What is the breech? The breech (In laymans terms) is the hatch used to load the barrel. Okay? Good... So which is it? Lets take a gander....

2.1.) The Breech is open.

Daryl vs Tank00:34

Daryl vs Tank

Now lets say the breech was open. It would only be open for a matter of seconds to reload, Daryl would have to be INCREDIBLY lucky to time it so the grenade would happen to fall at this time. Now, as you can see in the video to the right, the grenade is thrown in roughly 12 seconds after the tank is fired. A well trained loader could reload that tank in under 10 seconds, in a moving tank. Mitch Dolgen, a trained tank operator, completely stationary? I doubt it would take him that long to reload it. You could say this was definitely the case, as Mitch new about the grenade and it detonated but I disagree. Mitch could have just as easily heard it, as for the smoke coming out of the hatch... Any idea how much smoke MK2 grenades make? A fair bit. Besides considering the timing, Mitch wouldn't have even known what hit him. He would be pudding before he could even shout "GRENADE!" EVEN THEN, the tank would still be operable, there would just be no-one inside. Unrealistic but sadly likey, NEXT!

2.2.) The Breech is closed and loaded.

Alright, considering the circumstances, this is the one I would call likely. Now what would a Grenade do to a Tank with a loaded, closed breech? Eh, not too much. M60 tanks tend to use APFSDS (armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot) rounds, now you may be thinking, wouldn't these be set off by a grenade? Nah, doubt it. It takes a ridiculous amount of pressure to set one of these off, which a WW2 frag really doesn't posses. Besides if it did explode, the barrel of the tank would look like and empty banana peel and there would be a Mitch to get out of the tank. Realistic and likely, NEXT!

2.3.) The Breech is closed and empty.

This is pretty easy. The grenade would do diddly squat, end of story. Like I said earlier, the pressure require to set of a sabot round is FAR greater than that of a grenade. It's pretty unlikely it would be closed and unloaded though, unless Mitch dropped it under the chair or something.. All in all, the grenade would explode and do nothing... The end, AND THATS IT!

So to be honest, judging by the fact that Mitch survived, I would say the Breech was closed and loaded. So that would would be fine, Mitch would be fine and Daryl would have wasted a grenade. In all honesty it doesn't matter, the tank itself is unrealistic anyway...

3.) The tank makes no sense

So here's a question for you, how many people does it take to operate a 1971 Chrysler M60 Patton Tank? FOUR... IT TAKES FOUR! Mitch could never have even driven it on his own. Let alone fire it. I don't care how good a tank operator he is. One crazy redneck with a throat infection could NOT.... DRIVE.... THAT.... TANK! Aiyah AMC, you've really outdone yourself this time. I rank Mitch and his inoperable tank a GhostWolf716/10. My word, a zombie show were the zombies are more realistic than the vehicles. I can't complain about the comic series though, there are 1 man tanks and we don't know what kind was used... Kirkman, you've escaped my wrath for now....


So what has this theorist brought forward today? The tank makes no sense and even if it did Daryl wouldn't have destroyed it... there.

More importantly what have you learned? I don't bloody know maybe you knew all of this already. Maybe you think I'm wrong, well I'll find out in the polls.

Do you think Daryl could 1v1 a tank?

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Do you think Darl could 1v1 a cowboy?

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Does Mitch have a throat infection?

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Did you enjoy the blog?

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I hope you enjoyed the seventh of my theory blogs. It was the feedback on my first blog that caused me to start a series. Do you have an Objection? I would love to hear it and if you have any feedback or suggestions for topics or theory's I should cover leave them in the comment section! Oh and if you're a fan of either Beth or Daryl, please head on over to The Dead Theories Preparation Thread and leave a comment. Any help will be appreciated and the people who've helped will be credited on the next blog. Which will be my most ambitious yet....

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