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TDT blog 05 Is Shiva realistic?

CamTheWoot December 14, 2013 User blog:CamTheWoot
The dead theories 2.1


Ezekiel HAD a Tiger what too soon? Nothing is too soon for the shaky minds of theorizing kinda intelligent people! Yes I'll be having a look at Shiva today, I thought the untimely death of everyone's favorite tiger would be a good time to put her under the microscope. So is she realistic?

Once again The prick of England is back with another theory. This is fifth blog in my series of over analytical blogs where I attempt to make jokes and educate simultaneously. I have called these blogs "The Dead Theories" (publishing with no content since... Well now...) and in each one I shall look into different moments our favourite franchise and dissect them for everything they're worth. Bloody hell we're getting an overhaul this issue, polls and the what not and notice that fancy arse new logo! Alright are you ready? Then lets begin...

Where to start?


So what to do with a tiger? Well sadly we don't know that much about Shiva, she's a Bengal tiger and she doesn't like violence? Meh I've worked with less. Let's do this, this is what we need to look over.

1.) Bengal tigers.

2.) The bloody hell does she eat?

Well let's go, hopefully I'll write something this time -_- This will be a pretty short blog due to the fact there isn't much to talk about and I still have work to do.

1.) Bengal Tigers

Enzo the pet tiger?02:01

Enzo the pet tiger?

So there's one main question on people mind *cough* *cough*


and my answer to that is well yeah kind of..? While many people say no they can't there are several reports of Bengal tigers being domesticated. The video to the right is of a domesticated Bengal tiger name Enzo. The tiger lives with Michael Jamison and his girlfriend Jackie Smit in South Africa and is generally like a "normal house cat" so it's not completely unrealistic that Shiva could be domesticated and Ezekiel certainly does posses the ability to rain one.

Since Shiva was born and bread in captivity it's completely reasonable to assume that she has been trained most likely by Ezekiel himself. It's completely realistic that Shiva would be safe to have around but these things eat up to 70lbs of meat per week! So what the hell does she eat?

2.) The bloody hell does she eat?

Zombies and People, yeah that's it.


In all honesty that's a pretty ridiculous question... It's based under the assumption that the virus effects everything the same way. Bengal tigers immune systems could not be any more different to humans. It's completely realistic that Shiva could eat zombies and definitely ordinary people. What Robert Kirkman says goes in The Walking Dead and if he shows Shiva eating zombies then by God Shiva can eat zombies!

Well that's it! I know this was a short blog but honesty it's not a huge a huge subject... There's nothing else to say Shiva makes perfect sense, sorry about that.

The new polls and what not

So is Shiva realistic?

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I hope you enjoyed the fifth of my theory blogs. It was the feedback on my first blog that caused me to start a series. Do you have an Objection? I would love to hear it and if you have any feedback or suggestions for topics or theory's I should cover leave them in the comment section!

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