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TDT blog 03 Daryl makes no sense!

CamTheWoot November 16, 2013 User blog:CamTheWoot
The dead theories 2


Oh Daryl your ability to be simultaneously loved and despised by the masses, you have your over dedicated fan-girls and your relatively competent haters. However, I have one question do you make sense? Nah not really and I'm not just referring to your inability to pronounce vowels!

Once again The prick of England is back with another theory. This is third blog in my series of over analytical blogs where I attempt to make jokes and educate simultaneously. I have called these blogs "The Dead Theories" and in each one I shall look into different moments our favourite franchise and dissect them for everything they're worth. Alright are you ready? Then lets begin... BUT FIRST!.

Calming the Buggerstorm

This is a little disclaimer I have nothing against Norman Reedus or Daryl. Norman Reedus is a fantastic actor who has my respect. I like to stay neutral towards Daryl though so I can stay out of disputes like the one I'm probably going to cause. Now on with the show

The Squirrel man


Now I'm very sure we all know who Daryl is... The awesome redneck warrior of the apocalypse! He's surviving the zombie apocalypse with relative ease and he's doing it with style. He's united the fan-girls of the world under a single banner and together they've threatened to cause more riots than the Syrian populace! *bdum tss*

Regardless of whether you love him or hate him (I prefer to stay on the fence and out of the fray) he's alive and kicking and he will probably be around for a while... but should he have even made it this far? Well of course I've done my research and sadly the answer is probably not....

(Great now there's a brick through my window)

So lets get through this before the angry mob breaks into my house! Now of course there are some factors me must consider...

The factors we must consider

Now to fully understand why Mr Dixon makes no sense we must consider these points:

1.) His crossbow's and the improbable head-shots.

2.) His general incompetence.

So lets take this one at a time shall we?

1.) His crossbow's and the improbable head-shots.

WD213 1645

Now while I hate to be the bringer of bad news to all the fan-girls I must bring up the fact that Daryl uses a Horton Scout HD 125, this is among other things a beginner's children’s crossbow.


Oh dear that's rather embarrassing, however it does have it's advantages for example:

Horton scout crossbow

  • It's very light.

  • It's rather small as far as crossbows go.

  • It can do quite a bit of damage at a close range.

Sadly that's about it. It really doesn't have the strength to take down larger animals especially not the dear he's shown killing with it. Ironically the animal it is best suited to hunting is squirrels...

Luckily in season 3 Daryl ditches the safety wheels and bags himself a Stryker Strykezone 380. This thing actually has a bit of power behind it. That's still two and a half seasons of beginners luck.

Now before we talk about his ridiculous accuracy lets talk about the bolts he uses...

1.1.) The bolts

Horton practice bolts

You can tell by the tips of the bolts Daryl uses that they are practice bolts. The tip is rounded to allow penetration, but there are no other attachments (which make it difficult to pull the bolt from the target.

Most crossbow bolts are designed to get stuck in the target...and stay there. Realistically, Daryl would be using anything BUT a target tip as the penetration with these tips are no where near close to optimal.

I have a theory as to why AMC decided to equip Daryl with practice bolts but we'll get to it later, but now the part you've all been waiting for...

1.2.) Those bloody headshots

Really Daryl

Before we even start on the headshots, we need to talk about the fact that with that beginners bow and those practice bolts it's a wonder he can kill a walker at close range. Any target more than 15ft away... He'd have better luck pinging elastic bands at it.

I think I've made it very apparent that up until Clear were he gets his fancy new bow he would not be able to kill anything at a range. That's if he can even hit the target from the distances he does in the show and lets face it He can't...

200 Yards Crossbow Shot10:50

200 Yards Crossbow Shot

We've seen Daryl pull off headshots from 50 or so yards away, without even lining up the shot. That is bloody ridiculous... While it is possible to pull of shots from 200 yards away

(As shown in the video to the left)

but this takes hours of preparation, years of professional training and very high end equipment. Sadly I doubt Daryl has any of these things while he is trained, Merle and his father hardly count (I'll prove his lack of training in the next segment).

So yeah Daryl is far more of a threat than he should be big surprise the thing is should he have even made it this far?

2.) General incompetence


Oh Miyamoto I'm going to be savagely beaten for this.

Now lets gets down to the part that's going to have me chased off the wiki.

(See to the right for picture of reference.)

Surprise, surprise Daryl's kinda incompetent and he probably had no training with a crossbow. Just look at the picture to the right, look where his thumb is. If he were to fire not only would the bolt fly off in any direction it would take his thumb off. I have trouble believing any competent hunter would make this mistake.

"BUT CAAAAAAAAAAM" I can actually hear the lynch mob outside my house now "THAT'S JUST NORMAN REEDUS HE'S NOT TRAINED WITH A CROSSBOW!"

Well consider this! I don't care this happened in the show, it's cannon. Now lets get to the peak of Daryl's foolishness.

2.1.) Chupacabra

We all know what happens to Daryl here. Daryl is searching for Sophia then suddenly Nelly (his horse) gives a reaction that reminiscent of myself watching the Mario Bros movie. Running away in fear (and a hint of disgust). This causes him to tumble down a hill, shoot himself with his crossbow and land in a creek. (I think I speak for everyone when I say "Wa Waa Waaaaaa")

Now lets see what is wrong with this scenario shall we?

2.2.) Wait What?

(Lets ignore the obvious improbability of tumbling down a hill with a bloody crossbow on your back, the improbability of the crossbow setting off whilst out of his hands and the fact that he was facing the crossbow when it fired and yet he was hit in the back.)
2х05 Дерел со стрелой

Remember earlier on when I showed that Daryl uses practice bolts? Now do you remember what the purpose of a practice bolt is? If you don't I'll refresh you. There purpose is to not get stuck in the target so generally it stands to logic that he would just pull it out and yes he does. BUT THE WRONG BLOODY WAY!

Yeah he pulls it straight through. Now he must know he using practice bolts I mean come on! Aaah never mind he's a redneck.


You may have got the impression I dislike Daryl from this blog but that is not the case, like I said I'm staying neutral towards him. I know allot of people hate his fans but it is not my place to rant one of my best friends qualifies as a "fan-girl" so I will leave it.

There are many more flaws that come to mind but I have allot of work to do so perhaps a part 2 in the future?


I hope you enjoyed the third of my theory blogs. It was the feedback on my first blog that caused me to start a series. Do you have an Objection? I would love to hear it and if you have any feedback or suggestions for topics or theory's I should cover leave them in the comment section!

The similarities with another blog

It has been brought to my attention that my blog is very similar to another blog I must stress that this is purely coincidental and makes sense considering we are tackling the same subject matter. I will freely admit that I came across this blog around three quarters of the way through writing mine, I quickly tossed it aside. I try my best to only use confirmed sources as evidence, I don't consider a second hand retelling of some guys opinion to be "confirmed evidence"...

I would also like to point out I spend ALLOT of time making there blogs. (Time I really don't have, I'm in university.) I spent 8-9 hours writing and researching for this blog in-particular as I went in knowing nothing about crossbows. I must say that I hardly appreciate people crying plagiarism without even giving me a chance to defend myself! Like I said I spent allot of time I truly don't have to make this people seem to like these blog!

Never the less I apologize for my lack of creativity, I will try harder to please next time. I would like to thank anyone who stood up for me in my absence, Cameron approves +30, Cameron owes you +1 favors!

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