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  • CamTheWoot

    CamTheWoot's Review on "The Same Boat" and Master Blog

    Ahoy Wiki people,

    So, Maimer's out doin' his work today; and thus I'll be filling his shoes and writing the master blog. This week, I will be reviewing the thirteenth episode of the sixth season, "The Same Boat". It is written by Angela Kang. And directed by Billy Gierhart.

    So let's get on with it, shall we?

    What an unnecessary adventure this episode was. Completely and utterly pointless. Not quite the most fatuous and irrelevant episode the show's ever given us, but it's certainly up there.

    So the episode starts off with Carol and Maggie walking around in the woods, a siren going off after the events of the last episode. Or maybe that's the soundstrack? Anyway; for the sake of dramatic eff…

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  • CamTheWoot

    CamTheWoot's Review on "Spend" and Master Blog

    Well then, that's that over and done with. I've never actually done a review blog before, and I extend my thanks to WalkerMaimer for letting me fill his boots for the day. He's not actually here, so I'm going to nick his closing from the last blog. #ThugLife

    Thank you all for tuning and seeking to see more WalkerMaimer reviews and it's companion, The Master Blogs. I am sending my deepest gratitude to each and one of you. This has been WalkerMaimer sayin' have a great and fruitful week ahead and peace out!

    If you have any personal problems or anything that you'd like to discuss just send me an e-mail at! Also, Don't forget to follow our Wiki on Twitter @walkingdeadw and y…

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  • CamTheWoot

    Greetings fellow walking dead fans. An idea has surfaced in the chat of an official Walking Dead Wiki Youtube Channel! This blog serves as an explanation as to why this could benefit the Wiki in so many ways. Now are you ready, then let's start explaining.

    It's obvious that a youtube channel could bring more users to an already bustling wiki but an official youtube channel endorsed by the wiki could fill a large gap in the infinite youtube video collection. Sadly there is no true channel dedicated to Walking Dead updates and news, episode and issue reviews and everything walking dead related. The closest currently available is Trevschan 2, 1% of IGN's videos and about 20% of AMC's video's. (When they do post Walking Dead content it's really ju…

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