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TWD Ep 4x10 - "Inmates"


Hey, guys. I was scrolling through my tumblr dash just right now and came across this video which is a preview for the next TWD episode. Now, I've went through the recent blogs and didn't seem to find it so I decided to take the liberty to make this blog post regarding the preview. There is actually some notable things in this preview, such as:

  • Daryl and Beth running and falling, Beth says something about not having hope and what is the point of living. 
  • Next we see Tyreese approaching a bush with him hammer and attacking something or searching for something and the kid (Lizzie?) reacts to something. I wonder what she's reacting at.
  • Maggie, Sasha and Bob are seen walking down a trail past an abandoned truck.
  • Glenn is surrounded by walkers and in another shot, he's holding a lanter and IN THE NEXT SHOT, we see Tara and Glenn. Tara asks if "she made it" and I'm assuming she's talking about her sister, Lilly.
  • And then we see Maggie crying over something, but what?

Lemme know what you guys think of the preview(s). (There's three on there and I only watched the first one, assuming the other two are the exact same).

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