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    Hey, guys. I was scrolling through my tumblr dash just right now and came across this video which is a preview for the next TWD episode. Now, I've went through the recent blogs and didn't seem to find it so I decided to take the liberty to make this blog post regarding the preview. There is actually some notable things in this preview, such as:

    • Daryl and Beth running and falling, Beth says something about not having hope and what is the point of living. 
    • Next we see Tyreese approaching a bush with him hammer and attacking something or searching for something and the kid (Lizzie?) reacts to something. I wonder what she's reacting at.
    • Maggie, Sasha and Bob are seen walking down a t…
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  • BulletRefutation

    So, the mid season finale was shown on Sunday and I cried... alot... But even though I cried a lot, I know for  a fact it was a great episode and where we left of with Tara running off, Michonne running off, the bus leaving and all that stuff, there's quite a lot of think about for the next half of Season 4. We left of with the death of our beloved Hershel Greene, the tyrant Phillip Blake aka the Governor aka Brian Heriot, all those nobodies on the Governor's side and Alisha....

    Onto predictions....

    But wait before i get into predictions.... I know there's been a lot of blogs about s4 predictions, but really, could I really fit all I'm about to write into a comment and fill up a whole page and then... i dont even know i....

    After watching the…

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