I thought of something and it kinda scared me. So the survivors are already infected and its caused them to reanimate soon after they die and there is all these theories about the whispers and the walkers probably being able to talk, and i though... if thats true what if the infection's development goes even further than that?

What im trying to say is what if the infection eventually causes to reanimate the living? Like lets say a guys walking and he slowly but surely develops into a walker, not dying or anything he just changes as he lives?

I know this might seem crazy and dont hate me for it, i just feel like there needs to be a big threat regarding the zombies like there once was. Maybe it can start with amputee victims (as a result of being bitten so you cant count Rick). What if Dale were still living after being bitten and had his leg cut off (lets play along with him never being bitten a second time) and in a plot twist, the infection already infected him all over, so he was doomed from the start. The infection already in him along with the one as a result of being bitten cause him to turn into a zombie like at the snap of a finger. 

Its scary to think about cause the turn would be quicker and you would never expect it to happen, sure maybe you can quarantine all the bitten amputees but there has to be a spark incident to cause that to happen, maybe in a years time Heath will all of a sudden turn and bite a few people, nobody will know how he turned unless the miraculously jump to conclusion and actually guess correctly what the problem is but i see that as unlikely. 

The point Im trying to get across is, what if living breathing human beings, already carrying the infection, turn into walkers so quickly, almost instantly? Scary? Lame? Comment below, before its too late...