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  • Brycesanders97

    I thought of something and it kinda scared me. So the survivors are already infected and its caused them to reanimate soon after they die and there is all these theories about the whispers and the walkers probably being able to talk, and i though... if thats true what if the infection's development goes even further than that?

    What im trying to say is what if the infection eventually causes to reanimate the living? Like lets say a guys walking and he slowly but surely develops into a walker, not dying or anything he just changes as he lives?

    I know this might seem crazy and dont hate me for it, i just feel like there needs to be a big threat regarding the zombies like there once was. Maybe it can start with amputee victims (as a result of be…

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  • Brycesanders97

    I feel like the first episode in season 4 part 2 should only include Rick, Carl and Michonne like issue 49 and most of 50 did. Have Rick and Carl gather their bearings and Michonne might stumble upon a stranger (maybe a hunter? Abraham?) and end up meeting back up together. As a whole i think the 4th season should end with the hunters arc. I remember seeing this article on the wiki and this guy pretty much predicted advertisement for the hunters arc

    the dead do not stalk (someone watches rick from afar)

    the dead do not eat (this shadowy group sit around a group and they're eating what is obviously a human limb)

    the dead do not kill (someones holding rick or daryl or carl or michonne at gunpoint)

    the dead do not hunt (the hunters eyes are shown…

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  • Brycesanders97

    I just saw the season 4 trailer for TWD and I thought up the possibilty that the Governor won't appear in the first half of season 4. I believe that Rick's group are gonna try at best to deal with the problem at the prison (trying to fortify it) and then as they leave they feel relieved that they don't have to worry about a major issue and then the Governor shows up again. Thats only me though so give me your opinion.

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