Hey, it's brookstheseale here, and I'm gonna use basic algebra to figure out when the TV show will catch up with the comics. 

So, the easiest way to do this, is to graph it. I use the x axis as the "months", and the y Axis as the "issues". This makes it easy to graph for the comic series. 

To graph the comic series, we use y=x + 78, since 1 issue equals 1 month (most of the time, we'll get to that later), and since it was October 2010 that issue 78 came out and that the TV show started, giving the comic series a 78 issue head start. Y= X+78

To graph the TV show, we use a spot that both TV show and the comic series both clearly met at, and the easiest, are the Post Prison Assualt ( right, after, basically at the end of it) and the very begining (origin). Episode 4x8 happened 37 months after the first episode of the walking dead, but is at issue 48 compared to the comic series. The coordinates we will use to find the slope are 37(months), 48 (issues) and 0,0 . Change of Y over change of X gives us  a slope of 48/37, and since it goes through the origin, the Y-intercept is 0. We are left with Y= 48/37x

Time to graph. I used an app called Quick Graph, which is an amzing graphing calculator on the app store for FREE. After graphing the 2 lines, Y= X + 78, and Y=48/37x,  the lines intercepted around the 262.364(months), 340.363(issues) range. We can round this to 340

BUT WAIT! We arn't done yet, recently for all out war, RK released some of the issues bi-weekly. I count 5 issues that were released "off schedule" or in the middle of the month. We now have the estimate of issue 345 as the issue The Walking Dead TV  show catches up.

DISCLAIMER. This is without ANY more bi-weekly releases after all out war, plus, the TV show tends to fluctuate on its possition compared to the comic series. PLUS this would mean the TV show would run for atleast 340 months, or 28 years 4 months, or 28 seasons! Now, we can all hope.....

And people say algebra has no real world application. 

Thanks for reading! If you want, you can graph the coordinates yourself. Have  different/better method? Tell me in the comments!