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  • Brookstheseale

    Hey guys! I dont post here often, most notably I used algebra to calculate roughly when the tv series would catch up to the comic series ( http://walkingdead.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Brookstheseale/Using_a_little_math_to_figure_out_when_the_TV_show_will_catch_up_with_the_comics.x ) Which as of now predicted the show would be on issue 64, when it is currently on issue 66. Not bad, eh? 

    Here is the link to the blog that this blog is pushing off:


    And now to continue. Im not sure if this has already been said but here we go. So I noticed the bible verse in the church and wondered if they were signifigant in any way! And,…

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  • Brookstheseale

    Hey, it's brookstheseale here, and I'm gonna use basic algebra to figure out when the TV show will catch up with the comics. 

    So, the easiest way to do this, is to graph it. I use the x axis as the "months", and the y Axis as the "issues". This makes it easy to graph for the comic series. 

    To graph the comic series, we use y=x + 78, since 1 issue equals 1 month (most of the time, we'll get to that later), and since it was October 2010 that issue 78 came out and that the TV show started, giving the comic series a 78 issue head start. Y= X+78

    To graph the TV show, we use a spot that both TV show and the comic series both clearly met at, and the easiest, are the Post Prison Assualt ( right, after, basically at the end of it) and the very beginin…

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  • Brookstheseale

    Does anyone know when it will be released? I rememeber 112 was released right before 109 issue was released.

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  • Brookstheseale

    I miss the walking dead already :(. Havn't found anything on new webisodes for season 4. Has anyone else?

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