Ok so I was thinking that maybe it would be really cool if some made a game where you would survive in the apocalypes and it would be sorta like Dead Island (without all of the pointless things you do) but without a main story line. You decide what happens, your choices show who dies and who doesn't. Everything is random. It would be like the TellTale games series but much more free. You walk around anywhere and scavenge for anything. You would encounter other groups and different things. You would have like a "Group" where you could add people to it so they would follow you around, but they can also refuse to. It can be as long as you want or as short as you want, when you die, it's over. You could go into Atlanta and see all of the zombies. There would be a few elements from the show, but most of it (Herds, what groups you find, what terain and shelters you find.) would be random. I think this would be really cool!!