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    Hey everyone,  brookbrooks104 here.

    To avoid being an asshole, here is the link to the blog that this blog is pushing off the page.


    Ok, now back to buisness. So, like the title says, I think it would be a cool idea to start logging religous views of characters. We can show how they have changed (former). I.E. Daryl made a comment to beth, so he is athiest or agnostic or something, I'm not sure of the difference. Hershel, is obivously christian. We can add this to the character box thing, and at the bottom of thier page if it is real complicated. We can make a page describing each persons religous views. 

    What do you think admins, is this a good idea?

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    Ok, so this post will probably be lost pretty quickly but i thought id share it. So while watching the VERY first episode, rick notices that lori took all the family photes with them. In the season 3 episode "clear", carl states that he needs a photo of lori for judith becuase they dont have one, but what happened to the photos lori took with her? Even if it was too much, did they not take atleast a few? I thought lori would have!

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    Ok, so I have noticed a big pattern starting at volume 5, I'll show you:

    • Volume 1: Days Gone Bye
    • Volume 2: Miles Behind Us
    • Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars
    • Volume 4: The Heart's Desire
    • Volume 5: The Best Defense  
      • Rick, Michone, and Glenn captured by governer, michone raped, rick loses his hand.
    • Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life
    • Volume 7: The Calm Before
    • Volume 8: Made To Suffer
      • ​Governer attacks, most of the prison group dies.
    • Volume 9: Here We Remain
    • Volume 10: What We Become
    • Volume 11: Fear the Hunters
      • ​Group comes in contact with the hunters, dale dies, ben and billy die.
    • Volume 12: Life Among Them
    • Volume 13: Too Far Gone
    • Volume 14: No Way Out
      • ​ASZ is over run, carl shot in the eye, a lot of people die.
    • Volume 15: We Find Ourselves
    • Volume 16: A Larger World
    • Volume…

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    As seen in a recent post on this wiki, at the end of each season premier, there has been a cliff hanger ending.

    In the first season, there was rick being stuck in a tank with a ton of zombies around.

    In the second season, carl was shot.

    In the third season, Hershel was bit in the leg, rick cut it off, and they saw the prisoners.

    Now for my prediction, in the season 4 premier, I believe they will continue the tradition of surprising us at the end of a premiere. I think that at the end of the  season 4 premier, I think that, while clearing out more of the prison, Tyrese will get stuck in a bunch of walkers, and is left behind. Just like in the comics. 

    Also, I  have another idea, maybe some one is murdered. I mean, the reason tyrese was so mad an…

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    I think the first quarter of season 4 will be based on stuff they did in the comics in volume 3-4 ( some of which they have already done). The woodburians will play key roles as red shirts and as main cast memebers. 

    Episode 1 "The Calm Before": The prison group and able males from the the Woodburians will clear out a few cell blocks. The woodburians will get settled in various cell blocks. Carl and Rick will argue over them staying. A few scenes set on introducing new woodburry families. Rick and Karen have a flirty conversation. Daryl returns to the prison, very dark, ignoring everyone. They discover that, among the woodburians, is a priest, a few doctors, and a former army veteran. Hershel discusses where they will begin to farm with the…

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