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  • Britannic199

    Hi guys, I was thinking today, when I got an idea. So, you remember how there was this whole argument over possibly the next big character death that was rumored by this one website? (I forget the name, sorry) They said that the character was still alive in the comic books, and everyone wondered whether it would either be Maggie or Michonne. Well, I just got another possible character who fits the "requirements". Now, before I reveal the character, let me just point out that this is rather a horrible idea, and most certainly will not happen, but I wanted to get all of your thoughts. I'm prepared for any backlash I get for this. So now, what if they killed off Rosita? She is still alive in the comics, but she is rather a character who doesn…

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  • Britannic199

    Hello everybody on the wiki. Let me first say this is my first blog post, and I made this account purely just to post this blog and this idea is very close to impossible, but too good to not share. Now then, lets get onto what I have to say. So, you know how all the volumes of the Comic Series have these zombies/walkers/lurkers on the bottom of them? As you can tell by looking at them side by side, they're all linked, grouped together, seemingly a herd. So now, what if this "herd" has something to do with the story? I don't know about you guys, but I think that this herd will end with the final volume, but maybe the reason this herd is on every single volume cover, is because this herd will end the series. Maybe this herd, is the one that …

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