Hi, everyone! 

I'm Brian and I work for Wikia. My team and I are always looking for new and exciting ways to showcase the knowledge and enthusiasm of the amazing fan communities on Wikia. Last week, we posted the first episode of a new video series called Fan vs. Critic on The Walking Dead Wiki.

We've been very excited about this series, which was birthed out of a partnership with Rotten Tomatoes. Our plans included creating a season finale-centered episode, and soliciting feedback from this community over the next several months to gauge interest in being part of a full season of the series when TWD returns. But there was a problem...

Scheduling changes forced us to make a choice: Move forward with our plan to produce the video during what we deemed an appropriate window of opportunity, using a superfan not actively editing on the community, or scrap it entirely? In short, we made the wrong call.

At Wikia, fans come first. And so, we're glad to have The Walking Dead community represented by CamTheWoot in a BRAND NEW episode of Fan vs. Critic which will be posted in next couple of days. We hope you'll love it.

Would you like a chance to represent The Walking Dead in a future episode of Fan vs. Critic? Here's what you should do...

Record a short video of yourself declaring your love for TWD, and post a link in the comments below -- use YouTube, Instagram, Vine or whatever works best for you. The only guidelines? Have fun, and show that you're up for the challenge of doing battle with the critics. And note that video productions are typically recorded via a Google+ Hangout, so you'll need to to be prepared there. If the The Walking Dead Wiki chooses their favorites, AWESOME. If not, we'll pick the best submitters and approach them about possibly appearing. 

Look for our new episode, in which CamTheWoot and an RT critic face off over last season of TWD, in the coming days!