Sorry if this isn't blog worthy, but something I want to bring up.

I feel like the show made a good casting with Christian Serratos. She's a striking resemblance and I'm sure her acting is decent enough. This is the Walking Dead's chance to establish her as a character. But what needs to be done?

1. Backstory: in the comics we don't even know what Rosita did for a living, where she came from, any family that was lost, and we don't even know the circumstances that occurred when she met Abe and Eugene.

2. Give her things to do: in the comics she doesn't really do anything apart from being Abraham's lover/support system, and later on for Eugene as well. Apart from that she is a background character with a name. Don't have her be like T Dog and leave her in the background 24/7.

3. Good developments: Show off some of her usefulness, she's a good shot so put that to good use. Don't have relationships be the only source of development (Beth 2.0). She doesn't have to be front and center in every episode, but allow Rosita some time in the spotlight.

If she's actually used Rosita can become a great character that I hope is around for a really long time. That is all