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    Sorry if this isn't blog worthy, but something I want to bring up.

    I feel like the show made a good casting with Christian Serratos. She's a striking resemblance and I'm sure her acting is decent enough. This is the Walking Dead's chance to establish her as a character. But what needs to be done?

    1. Backstory: in the comics we don't even know what Rosita did for a living, where she came from, any family that was lost, and we don't even know the circumstances that occurred when she met Abe and Eugene.

    2. Give her things to do: in the comics she doesn't really do anything apart from being Abraham's lover/support system, and later on for Eugene as well. Apart from that she is a background character with a name. Don't have her be like T Dog and l…

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    Tara Chalmbers

    January 17, 2014 by Breaking Dead25

    What do you guys think will happen with Tara. From the new trailer she seemingly escaped with someone.

    Quite frankly other than bob and Lizzie she's my favorite new character from season 4. I'd like to see her, but not lilly join ricks group. Since she didn't fight at all maybe she'll provide some exposition from the gov's side and the group will let her in. She can become a stronger female character over time if she's with the main group.

    Lilly on the other hand can die right off the bat to grab our attention in episode 9. We're done with lilly, I think.

    What do you guys think about Tara and what will happen with her in the future.

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    Karen's killer

    October 22, 2013 by Breaking Dead25

    I suspected that Karen would die all along. I have a theory with evidence if the killer.

    In the trailer at 1:57 you have Bob Stookey and he has blood on his hand and the look on his face says I can't believe I just did that!


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