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  • BossNaut

    Idea for the Wikia

    December 25, 2013 by BossNaut

    So I know I've said some things and most of the time people never agree with me so I'm not sure you'll agree with this either but basically the idea is to seperate all characters into the groups they are in right now.


    Daryl & Beth's Group:

    Daryl Dixon and Beth Greene

    Tyreese & Kids' Group:

    Tyreese,Lizzie Samuels,Mika Samuels,ETC.

    And those unknown like Carol,Lilly and Tara(TV)go to the unknown section.I would try to do this but I don't have much experience with wikias so I wouldn't know how unfortunately.I hope this was a good idea and thanks for your time :)

    NOTE:Don't get me wrong this is just an extra thing the Wiki could have and I don't mean for the current character page to be replaced.

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  • BossNaut

    Holy crap.GUYS!What I'm about to say might sound silly but it's true.About 2 months ago I dreamed of the Governor attacking Rick's group with Martinez and at a point I remember ANOTHER group attacking both of them(the hunters?)and then the Governor and Rick had to team up and defeated the other group.Haven't read the comics,I just heard of the hunters and know a bit of what they did.So yeah guys honestly this could be a good idea since now that he has the girls to protect he might want to actually play defensive instead of offensive and ask Rick to take them in the prison.I read a comment on youtube saying that Negan might kill the newly beloved Governor...personally think that's a great idea!What do you guys think?

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  • BossNaut

    I know we're probably going to find out tomorrow but I might know how they died.

    Mosquitos.HELLO?!Mosquitos suck out blood and then go to another to suck on theirs.

    Now what must have happened is that the mosquito sucked out blood from a walker,went on Violet/Patrick and 'delivered' it.

    Do you think this is how it happened?Tell me down below!

    EDIT:I just noticed,since most people say it's waterborne then it makes a LOT of sense.Mosquitos like dirty water,in this case the infected water.So if it goes to drink the water,then onto Patrick or Violet....you know. o_o

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  • BossNaut

    Sorry Banish

    October 16, 2013 by BossNaut

    Just wanna point out that my first edit was a mistake,I thought last appearance meant like last episode seen in but now I understand it's for when someone dies in example.

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  • BossNaut

    Alright so of all famous people who do you think would be kicking zombie ass most?

    And who do you think would die fast?

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