640px-Sgt Abraham Ford With Rosita Espinosa

Just how it is ;P

So, for Season 4 Abraham Ford will be part of the group this time around. Better known as Roy Stark in the show though....

My question here is, what are his contributions and problems he will cause... All based on what we know now at least.

To me, his contributions are his military background, discipline, good right hand man, and get's the job done with many different situations.

Now, his problems to me are strictly based on the way I believe the way the TV series works. Even with Rick kinda stating that from here on out everyone will be working as one, compared to him making every dire choice made in the series. There is still that power circle, and Abraham is a man who doesn't (at first) really come off to take shit. So, there might even be the possibility of him being a hasle to Rick....

Granted there's not even remotely enough information on his TV character... So just any thoughts?