Hello everyone I'll be making a blog about why I believe Terry St. John should be left as unknown. Obviously, there's been a lot of debating as to if Mr. St. John should be listed as 'dead' or 'unknown'. I'm here to tell you why he should be listed as unknown. 

Do we really know for sure?

All we got was This isn't what Terry would have wanted. That could be taken in a number of different directions. Perhaps she was talking about the St. John's cannibalistic nature itself? We don't know and we never will. AND THE ST. JOHNS WERE FUCKING LUNATICS. How can you take any of them seriously?!

Unused Audio Clips

We can't consider those canon. Unused Audio clips never happened. If every unused audio clip happened along with the current game itself, we'd have essentially two Marks


Speculation looks hideously unprofessional. No one would want an article to say 'Brian Blake touched the zombiefied Penny in the dark.' Because it'd be speculation and no form of speculation should be allowed on pages!


It'd basically be unproffesional and irritating to have Terry St. John and characters like him listed as DEAD. There's no way to know. Thank you for reading. <3