I do not hate the show itself. People have accused me of that. I actually like the show. I only hate how the show has handeled its characters. I'll get into that later. 

The show's issues

Obviously, the show is the part of the reason our site here is so popular, and we like the show but people need to understand the amazing literature that is The Walking Dead comic series. Recently on the forums, I have noticed that the TV Characters (who are nowhere near as developed as their counterparts) were beating the CS characters in threads. I'm sure this is mostly because of TV fans who vote for the show on anything because they aren't connected to any other media. I understand that everyone has the right to their opinion but come on. The show has made great original characters such as Merle, T-Dog, and I admit, early Daryl. But the comics are just so full of emotion, action, and most importantly to me, character development. The show is limited so much because of the channel. And I get it, CROSSBOW GUI IS COO and all but the show lacks things that this kind of story NEEDS. 


We get it, Darabont and Holden worked together before and were friends and all but the casting itself was biased. The moment Andrea first came on screen, you could basically see what kind of character she would be. Andrea herself was a character in the comics that was developed a lot over time. And she's probably my third favorite character in the comics. After a while, I accepted TV Andrea and had tried to give her another chance but I couldn't. I just couldn't. So many bad decisions and just being annoying ruined any chance of me ever liking her. And I'm not even going to get into her decision making when it came to Woodbury. The show didn't handle its female characters very well for a while.


WHY IS HE SO OLD? How would making him a preteen in the beginning make anything better? It's jusst caused more problems than it would if they would have just casted a 7 year old. It's just terrible. Nothing against Riggs or anything but seriously.


NO ONE RUNS OUT OF BULLETS. When Hershel did it on the farm, I'll admit that was pretty cool. But when you see Rick's colt python shoot 6 or 7 shots is just..ugh. Even Daryl's crossbow has never ran out.