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    Hey m90s, after getting stitched up I've returned to bring you GUYS a new BLOG. Last weke was about the new episode, now this week is about top 10 BADASS fights in AMC's THe Walking Dead. I'm not including male on woman fighhts because that's wrong, but woman/man, man/man. WOMAN/WOMAN are all good in my book.

    Before I start, I would sincereley like to remember those we have lost. 

    RIP Robin Williams

    RIP Stanley 

    RIP Pale Man's BOY xd 

    RICK vs CARL - While it;s never happened in series, we can defnetly see that the two have had some mental and amotional battlesl. Remember when Carl asked Rick about Shane? You could see how both felt in that mopment, and it was vetry intresting 

    Govrnor vs Maggie - you know, the scene where he did the boob touch 


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    Hey all Pig's Lists here, blogging about the walking dead. ive returned from hiatus to devliver you this brand SPANKING new set of Lists by Lists, the KING of the wiki. I will be listing off my top 5 favorite characters from AMC's The Walking Dead and why I like them. 

    He is the protagonist of AMC's THe walkingD ead. He has been in every episode of AMC's The Walking's Dead and has changed. First, he was the hopeful man looking for his wife and his son,, Carl. Carl was probnably very young when it happened so he was determiened to find his son. 

    WHY I LIKE HIM: He reminds me of Optimus Prime. 

    He was a cannibal from Terminal. He was a brother. He was a man. And if my theory is correct, he was a father. But he was also a cannibal. He was smart …

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    i WILL Convince you 

    alright so basicaly the wall is an ice that keeps the wild ones out and the white WALKERs (i underlined walker for a reason) from attacking the good people (tyryon dany arrow sansa). so the wall is trying to keep ILLEGAL s out of the country. well with the 2020 election coming up trump will get el chap cap (more like lame-o haha) to build a WALL on the border of mexico and the united of states america. if that happens then mexico will get colder, due to it being cutt off from the canadian winds.





    lets be honest here, the timeline is a little messed up, it's at least 2009 when the zombies come. well in the show it said 8000 …

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    Hello, Wikans. The special lil' theory I will be discussing is the REG = NEG(AN) theory. I am Bloxxasouro, chat mod, reader, eater, sleeper PRO haha. :D 

    LET'S DIG IN. 

    Reg can be assumed to be short for Reggie and Reggie is always short for Rajeev. So that is one point that I've earned. 

    (BLOXX: 1) (HATERS: 0)

    Neg (NOT Nig) is short for Negan. So if we were to replace the N with R we'd get Regan and R is the first letter in Henry Rollins' last name, a popular fan actor picked to play the big hittin' dick! 

    Reg is a smart guy he can build stuff with the right amount of supplies. He has a wife, Deanoa. (KEEP THE WIFE THING IN MIND LATER) He has a bit of power in the community.

    Negon is a fricking (sorry for languaj) idiot who needs a bunch of BAC…

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    The show's issues

    April 29, 2014 by Bloxxasourus

    I do not hate the show itself. People have accused me of that. I actually like the show. I only hate how the show has handeled its characters. I'll get into that later. 

    Obviously, the show is the part of the reason our site here is so popular, and we like the show but people need to understand the amazing literature that is The Walking Dead comic series. Recently on the forums, I have noticed that the TV Characters (who are nowhere near as developed as their counterparts) were beating the CS characters in threads. I'm sure this is mostly because of TV fans who vote for the show on anything because they aren't connected to any other media. I understand that everyone has the right to their opinion but come on. The show has made great origina…

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