I haven't read the comics, but I've seen all the episodes of the show and played all of the episodes of the game, and I was wondering who are the badasses across every series. I would like to know who you guys think they are. I don't care about spoilers I've read all the synopsis of the comic book. Please say who and give a reason why.

These are my choices:

Lee Everett- I always thought that he was a badass but the staircase seen in Around Every Corner proved that to me

Molly- It's obvious that she is an awesome character since she brought some Assassin Creed type stuff to the Walking Dead

Shane- Even though he was a dick-head he still was a survivor and knew what had to be done to live

Daryl- It is very obvious that he could live on his own and do well in the world

Michonne- Also and obvious survivor. She is very skilled with the katana and seems cold but also caring

Rick- Takes a badass to raise a badass