I'm doing a prediction of what's to come in Episode 5 based off the trophies, feel free to make your own or add on to my theories.

1. Into the Fire-you and your group discover the herds and decide what to do. Also there will probably be a clue as to where Vernon's group went as well. I also think Christa and Omid follow you regardless of your choice. I also think Vernon got all of his group out of Savannah 2. Twice Shy-"Once bitten, twice shy", I believe Lee will be the opposite of this saying, knowing that he's going to die, he will be more aggressive. They also will probably get out of the herd and indoors. 3. There Ain't No Way-The picture looks like a three zombies are crowded around a person. I feel like this will be death of a person in Lee's group. I'm thinking Omid or Ben or both. 4. Mercy-I believe someone might get raped or tortured in front of Lee by the walkie-talkie guy. I'm thinking Molly. Lee rescues her, but the guy gets away with Clem and you explain to Molly how Clementine goes missing and she joins you to help find Clem and get revenge. 5. The Marsh House-I'm sure some of you remember that Diana stated that her and Ed were at the marsh house. I think we will meet Diana, who is still alive and tell her about Clem and how you are handling this. I also think this will give Lee relief knowing that there is someone to watch Clem after he dies. Lee will tell Christa and Kenny to go to the boat with Diana. There might be other survivors in Diana's group but I'm sure they will be killed off and I also believe that Ed is dead. 6. What's in the Bag?-Lee and Molly are given a bag of guns and clear out a lot of zombies and stumble upon where Clem is. 7.Stay Close To Me-Lee kills walkie-talkie guy and of course guides Clem to the boat. What Remains-Lee gets Clem on the boat and gives Diana his spot. they ask him what to do and he says he will deal with it. They get far from shore. Somewhere along the story Lee finds explosives (probably in the bag) and uses the bells to get a good chunk of the herd near it. He tries to detonate it but it won't explode and he has to do it manually. He gets to it and detonates it. It zooms to the boat and we see the detonation and Clementine ask if Lee got out.

Final survivors:Christa who we find out is pregnant, Molly, Kenny, Clem, and Diana. I'm new to this wiki so pls don't be to harsh. This is all my opinion and I have taken ideas off of other forums and just built on it. Also I'm am sry for any grammar mistakes and mixed up names. Please voice your opinions. I'm sure there is also a No Time Left discussion but pls don't delete this. It took me awhile to make this and most of the ideas are original.