Big Fancy

aka Michael

  • I live in Texas
  • My occupation is Psyionic sniper
  • I am Male
  • Big Fancy

    I'm wondering if any of us could survive, In the comments post any skills you have that would come in handy I'll start

    I'm well aquatinted with fire arms and melee weaponry, though I prefer a longbow I can pick locks I can track I can build simple tools and shelter I'm a comedic relief to any group

    Due to a comment I forgot to mention my weaknesses, I only own a bow and several bladed weapons, I have no plan besides getting my group and getting outta dodge, I am a heavy sleeper(it would get me killed) And I'd probably die in the first few months due to my sacrificial nature( ill die for friends) and the fact that I'm a very trusting person, fucking governor showed me that's a bad thing

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