It Was Mazarrraaaa!


Alright, I was planning to do another episode of Andrea's Blog,but ths just came through. So, i was browsing the youtube site, I was bored, and y'all know how deep my fondness towards TV Andrea is. I even back everything she has done wrong, and escalate the praise towards her doings that in my humblest opinion were right to be done. So, i searched 'Laurie Holden', on youtube. and this video popped out .I was hoping i could find her interview after Andrea's death that i havent watched, and yes, i found one. and it was, MINDBLOWIN'.

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Thanks for ruining Season 3.

The Rant

First of all, Andrea is dead, she was great, and is great in the comic. Shame about her got butchered down like a penis got circumcised. Andrea is dead, okay am cool, and heartbroken at the same time, and i am not recovering. the thing with Sasha makes it worse. Sasha is offensive oh my god, even thinking about her makes me angry. Laurie Holden, and the rest of the crew even Mazarra i believed said that the decision of killing Andrea was the thing everone agreed on, because it felt right at the moment.

"Felt right at the moment"
—Robert Kirkman on Andrea's death

that was bullshit alright. I lost my patience here. Andrea was killed off because of Mazarra's sole whim, on  shocking the world of killing Andrea off. It was just for a fucking shock value. yes, a shocking fucking value! what the fuck!!!???. they kept Daryl this long, and Reedus is acting. "What!? people are saying his storlyline is over? i dont believe that. Daryl has a ton of storylines." yeah, yeah. if he was gay he would be. but Andrea!?? it hurt me. it hurts the fans. Holden even said so, in one of her interviews. she has balls on her vagina.

She said the folowing statement;

"There was somebody in charge for Season 3, who thought that it was 'cool'... to kill Andrea, because he wanted the world to go whatttt!? you know? so it was for shock. it wasnt a plan, it wasnt supposed to happen. I found out the day before, and it couldve been anybody. He just wanted to kill somebody big--umm... you know. for shock. but he never read the comic book, really. so, he did not realize what he was doing, and we had to shoot it. I mean--because... you know, when you're working on a film. you have to do it, so. it was very sad, because Andrea was supposed to be there for the very end. So, it was sad for me. it was sad for my the Walking Dead family. The man lost his job, because of that decision. but it was never supposed to happen, and you know Andrea was supposed to end up with Rick. So, this was one man's decision, who changed... history. you know? but it wasnt something that, anybody supported. Not any writers, no--you know? it wasnt supposed to happen."
—Laurie Holden on Mazarra

In my opinion, it was not Holden's fault for her character to be like that. In Season 3, yes i get it why people hated her in that season, even te character itself hated herself in season 3. I am not talking about Laurie Holden here, but Andrea herself. yes, as crazy as it might sound. remember the scene when Rick, Daryl, Oscar, and awful Michonne attacked Woodbury in Episode 8? Andrea said that, "I have a helll lot of experience." when she was talked down on being one of the guys who will patrol the streets. the character itself fought for her role. like, the writers fucked her up. wep--from what i just heard from Laurie Holden, Mazarra fucked her up.

everything is so clear now. in season 2, the whole thing that caused Andrea got separated from the book, thus utchering her silver screen madness crave on the prison to be none, and we got Sasha instead. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! fuck NO! that was fucking Mazarra! he was credited along side with Kirkman, and maybe the only reason Kirkman went with his plan was because Michonne, and to show people that Andrea is now a badass. Linda Hamilton Badass (I dont know who the fuck that is.)

and then, the whole thing with her death was so fucking stupid. Mazarraco-wrote the "Prey" episode which was not a problem for me , until the ending. Alright, at least at that time, i was not afraid of her death, and then, BAM! i read the "Welcome to the Tombs" page here on the wikia, and fokkkkk.

I dont know what to say anymore. I am not trying to be a racist here, but i dont like Sasha. what's the point of her exstence? inb4 i called her not a character, and yes she is a character, but she is not! i dont know why, but that's how i feel. she is such  a waste of time for Andrea. Andrea is supposed to be there, the whole thing with Bob was beyond stupid, and so fucking chessy. they found each other, fell in love, and died. lol, what the fuck. I get it why she was beyond heartbroken, because she was craving for his black penis, but  come on. up tot he point where she would wear his jacket? i get it why Andrea wore Dale's hat. because they had history. while, Bob, and fucking Sasha ... *sigh*. and then dont make me talk about Bob's line on the tainted meat, i had a problem with the actor delivering his lines on that particular scene. It was bad, hahaha, it was really bad. Would be phenomenal to watch DeMunn deliver the lines instead. fucking Mazarra.

Laurie Holden en la cabeza de Andrea con The Walking Dead - KamiteTV Capítulo

Laurie Holden en la cabeza de Andrea con The Walking Dead - KamiteTV Capítulo


I'm sorry if i offended anyone. I just... had to let that out. I am beyond pissed right now. thank you for reading, BernieBoi peace out to punch Mazarra's, and Sasha's poster.

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