hey i justw anted to ask you about this, and this is just for purely fun.

so, i watched zombieland. and i believe every single person who loves zombie already watched that awesome movie.

it has Bill Murray as theirs superstar cameo. so i was thinking whther the walking dead would have the superstar camoe like what the zombieland has??

im assuming that there will be, like .. I dont know. Justin Bieber showing his bad acting again, meet up with Rick's group but got swarmed by walkers and devoured by walkers afterwards.

i know this is stupid, but please leave some comments below. this is just for fun, and let me know whch celebrity would you like to see in th ewalking dead? whther he or she would be dead shortly after, or like Bill murray stays in the show for a mean time, or be one of the main characters like T-Dog and Darryl did.

leave some comment below.

i personally would choose Emma Stone. but that aint gonna happen right?? remembering she has been a survivor in the zombie apocalypse in zombieland.