Ever had any thought about, what if. Daryl didn't survive season 3 instead Merle?

What if Daryl is the one who takes the death of our favorite late-brother-Merle ? In what way Daryl's death will impact Merle the most? Will Merle finally get to the course his brother was when he is alive with the group, and tries to do everything he could (proving what Rick said to him in "this sorrowful life" of whether he has ever thought about the things that he does and did--in Daryl's honor as his brother) to give dignity to Daryl ?

Personally I would think Merle would fix himself, and the things he has screwed over, he will try to get the appreciation from the group and tries to do everything in Daryl's honor.

I think it's kinda interesting to see the other side of the Merle. I'm not saying the writer did terrible job with him for the passt 3 seasons he was in. But... I would like to see what will happen if Merle is the one who faces the death of Daryl isntead of Daryl. It would be interesting isn't it ?

Do you ever consider the death of Daryl instead of Merle ?

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