hey guys. i just wanted to share my thought about, you know. one of themain characters from the walking dead. it is Dale Horvath. i think, the death that he has deserved in the season2 when a walker that Carl drawn in into the barn tore his stomach apart, was...effective. because his death saved the group from breaking apart. his death has meaning.


i think that, Dale would be better if he survived the second season, so, after the group meeting up in the highway where they lost Sophia--he would be devastated over Andrea's death (that they are assuming.). he wants to get back to the Barn, cries over when Rick says that she is either dead or isnt there. so, Dale. griefing over his loss.

in the first-half of season 3, we would see Dale, still griefing but starting to move on from his grief over his loss of Andrea. found out about Andrea still alive in woodbury from Glenn in the Suicide King--he eventually snaps out when he decides to leave the prison, to the woodbury just to meet Andrea himself because he couldnt cope with dealing with his life without Andrea besides her. he arrives, he asks to meet Andrea. Martinez lets him in, but he puts Dale in the room where Michonne, Rick, Darryl,and Oscar hid in when they broke in into the woodbury to save Maggie, and Glenn--Martinez meets the Governor, tells him about Dale, Governor meets Dale, says nothing.

we wont see him for a while, until the event after where the Governor shoots Axel dead. we would see Martinez pulls Dale out from the car he is in with Shumpert (aka. the Bowman) and the Governor as well, makes Dale kneel down in front of the prison group who watches in horror as the Governor shot Dale right on his head. he is dead for sure.

what im trying to say is. i know that (including myself) many people said the second part of the third season was crap. and i kinda agree with it. what dissapointed me the most is Andrea's death. i think the chaarcer herself wasnt stupid, but the writers made her looks stupid. she could;ve just survived the torture chamber when Miloton tries to grab her. and i agree with the words that Andrea's death is thw worst death in the series.

and i think that if the writers did what i assuming to be better for the series just to let Dale survives (eventhough DeMunn asked to leave the show, shot the scene, but eventually changed his mind, but AMC didnt want to lose any money,and i think the situation fo the show would be better if AMC let DeMunn back to the show). the third season wont be as dissapointing as it is. 

first, i think Andrea would stay in the prison, after she found out, the Governor killed Dale.

the second, all main characters' death would have meaning.

Dale = he snaps Andrea out from her delusional thoughts over Governor is a nice person, and her trying to make things work out between Woodbury and the Prison Group. and i believe his death would develops Andrea into the BAMF we know in the comic. 

Lori = y'all know what killed her. she gave birth to Judith, even though it is a blessing, but a curse to the group as well.

T-Dog = saved Carol's ass.

the point is i just want the death of Dale from the TV series to be exactly what i wrote above.

what do you think?? do you guys think it would be better if Dale dies the way i wrote above or jsut let him be like what the writers did to him in the second season? leave your comments so i could know your thoughts. :)