hey guys. so i just wanted to share u about this thought recently. it's about major plots. so... let's have a flashback to the first season shall we?

first season involves of introduction to the universe of the walking dead. we were at the camp, and the camp was attacked, and forced the group to leave, and then we reached the CDC which we thought everything was going to be fine, but.. no. it blew up. the seaon ends with the survivors wandering in uncertainty.

and then we moved to the second season, we're gonna talk the first part of it first. the first part involves the searching of Sophia, which ended up bad. we found Sophia as a walker in the barn. and then the second part involved Randall, and the dilemma of killing a living to protect what's yours. ect; Randall and his group; Shane.

now the third season ...

the first part involved the inmates of the prison, and by the mid seaosn finale.. the group finaly reached woodbury, and it remarks the death of Oscar. while the second part involved of how Andrea tried to make things work between the groups.. and which was ended up with the death of herself.

the fourth season, the first part of it we see the downfall of the prison by the flu, and then the conclusion of it was the death of Hershel, the Governor, and the prison itself.

it makes me think that.. each season .. 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B... and so on.. act like volume in the comic series.

Anyone agrees with me?

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if we stick to the theory, so.. i'm gonna say that the 4B gonna onvolve the group searching for themselves or each other, being thrown out from the prison, and scattered into places. and it gonna ends with them found themselves in the Terminus, which i prefer going to be found overran. because if they found TTerminus completely untouched, we 're going to see season 5 like season 4A which is not one of my favourites part of the seaso, but if they did find Terminus completely untouched and going to be overran later. im okay with it, i love to see Rick having his old self. 

while season 5A would involve the Hunters.. and 5B would involve the road to DC... which oging to involve kids killing each other ...

about that theory. i dont think Lizzie going to kill Mika, Judith is still alive and by the plot wise.. the road to DC wont have timskips, because it would be strange enough to think the group in tthe road for so many times.. just because the toddler was growing up fast. i think Lizzie going to kill Judith, and this makes Carl kills Lizzie, and the cause of killing Lizzie will makes Crl into a psycopath he is in the comic. while Mika would be Sophia's TV counterpart. despite her officiail comic counterpart were killed in the first half of the second season.

Do you think Lizzie would kill Judith instead of killing her sister, Mika?

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