What if Andrea made it to Season four. the title explains it all. the season 4 has been concluded. so, what do you think about the last episode? "A". i think it was my top on my favorites list. toppping "The Grove" which was the 14th episode of the 4th season. so, tonight, or.. today. im going to discuss with you, WHAT IF. Andrea survives the Governor's torture chamber...and Carol got KILLED in "Killer Within" like it was originally planned.

first of all.

What do you think about "A"?

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for me, it was a DECENT episode, but i expected more of the episode. and i thought it would be an hour or so finale like the premiere of the first and the second season. with the episode concluded with the Survivors killing the Hunters/Terminus' Residents in the same exact style as they did in the comic--but you know, the cliffhanger was.. shocking. and i love the episode though, it is my most favorite episode of the series, yes, even topped "the Grove".

i thought Daryl was going to die here, in the episode--where the Marauders beating him up. I THOUGHT HE WAS LITERALLY GOING TO DIE. not that i fancy him anyway, but, seeing him dying would be so fucking disturbing. probably because i never thought, and i believe that everyone never thinks of Daryl be dying.

personally, i love the flashbacks scene. it's either disturbing, heart-wrenching, or even sad, and so fucking good. it's like watching a high-profile indie movie in the theater. yeah, THE EPISODE WAS THAT GOOD. "A" was like "Ozymandias" in Breaking Bad. and FYI. "Ozymandias" was my favorite episode from Breaking Bad, followed by "Felina".

seeing the Prison got built into a community after the events of season 3 was a good homage of RESPECTING those we lost in season 3 and 4, such as; Andrea. Merle. Patrick. Zach. Karen. HERSHEL. probably the missing-Beth. and even Milton.

the conclusion is.. "A" was so fucking great.

Agree with me that "A" was so great, and probably one of the best episodes from the series?

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P.S: I shrieked in happiness when Michonne mentioned Andrea. wow. i thought that Andrea's death was unnecessary. but, yeah Kirkman proved his saying that says we got to see Season 4 for finding the reason why them writers killed Andrea off. her death was placed perfectly.

back to the track.

as you heard, and it has been given and confirmed by the actress as well. Carol was supposed to die in "Killer Within" with Lori, and T-Dog. and if she dies... then. i am hell sure that Andrea would be alive. speaking of Andrea being alive, i believe if she does survive the third season. Carol's current plotline would belong to Andrea.

many people hate Andrea for being HERSELF. and if she was in season 4. i fucking believe that many people that hated her in the past three seasons--would SURELY hate her more in season 4. not that i hate Andrea. i loved her. but if she does survive season 3. SHE WOULD BE HATED BIG-TIME. why? here's why....

behold the reasons why she would be hated BIG TIME if she was in season 4.

1. Carol in season 4 first's story was teaching the kids how to use weapons and how to kill unbeknownst to Rick,a nd the rest of the group. and if Andrea in season 4. Andrea would be the one whom doing that, and if that happens. what would happen between the fans of the TV Series? "OMG WHY IS ANDREA SO FUCKING STUPID.." and so on, and so on and so on.

2. Carol killed Karen, and David. huh. need to say more? even when Carol did it people somewhat despising her controversial-decision. and if it was ANDREA. people would hate her EVEN MOREEEEE. i believe that is what would happen if she survives.


3. Carol got banished by Rick. do i need to remind you guys before Rick banished her from the group. Carol was confronting Rick about him being JUST A FARMER, and telling him the reasons why he should accept her actions of killing Karen, and David? to me. Carol was saying that Rick is not as good as her as a leader because he doesnt make the hard-decisions anymore. and IF IT'S ANDREA. wow. even in season 2, some people that i read their comments on youtube, and social media hating her for questioning Rick's decisions throughout season 2. such as, when Randall-problem-emerges from the ground.

SHE WOULDVE BEEN BUTCHERED IN THE SOCIAL MEDIA. for questioning Rick's leadership role in the community after what she did, and Rick thought about what she did. hm...

4. Carol returned, and killed Lizzie, and Mika--who were based from Billy, and Ben from the comic. for me, there's nothing wrong with Andrea taking this story from Carol if Carol indeed died in season 3. i mean, the only downfall from it is going to be how predictable Mika, and Lizzie's deaths are. just think about it. Andrea in the comic is the one who adopted the twins brothers from Allen, and Donna right after Allen died. and by this evident. people would surely know Mika, and Lizzie are Ben, and Billy in the TV series. whereas when it was Carol's. people debating over who Lizzie, and Mika were, and all of it fell on. Lizzie, and Mika were based from Ben, and Billy.

so let's wrapped this blog with a poll.

Agree with my theories concerning that if Andrea survived season 3. people would hate her MORE?

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i voted "Yes."

P.S: I'm an Andrea-Lover. but slowly, right now i'm moving on from her death...and become more invested in Rick, and Abraham. THANK GOD!

this is me, Bernadus Andrew. signing off. thanks for reading this blog! :D