Spoil Soup Episode 1
In Harm's Way

hey guys, this is my first blog here in walkingdead.wikia.com after a long hiatus from blogging. so, as someof you might realized that the content and the blog was already been posted in the thread, but, i was thinking that maybe i should put this in a blog. so, im gonna excuse myself for that because the content of this blog numbered at 300+ words.

In this blog, it's time for us to spoil ourselves! as evident by Job J Stauffer tweeting again, and again, and again hinting towards the release date and the content of the third episode, In Harm's Way. so, i think it's perfect for us to make a forum, about spoiling ourselves.

UPDATE: Job J Stauffer has just tweeted that the trailer is due to out tomorrow!


the episode starts with Clementine getting dragged away from the log by Bonnie. as she walks towards the door. she took a glance at Walter's body, and seems visually upset. Bonnie lines Clementine amongst the others. while Carver tells Troy to get the truck they are using as their vehicle to get back to home. while Troy leaving the group to get the truck. Carver took a glance towards Rebecca and smiles. visually glad the Rebecca is with him again at last after a long search among the woods.

(If Alvin survived) Alvin caught Carver's smile, and glares at Carver. Rebecca noticed the hostile look in Alvin's face, and visually concerned.

(If Alvin died) Rebecca would act indifferent of her surrounding. including Carver's smile.

(If Nick died) Carver would noticed some walkers feasting a body. Carver then walked towards the walkers, and kill them all. after doing so, he then realizes that the body the walkers were feasting was Nick's. noticing that was Nick, Clementine seems upset. while Carver would just stand there, and watch Nick coldly.

(If Nick survived) Nick would be seen standing next to Clementine. whispering, asking where Luke is. Clementine would stay quiet, as Clementine caught Kenny staring at her. telling that everything is going to be okay. Clementine stays quiet.

the truck arrives. Carver orders everyone to get in to the back of the truck. except Rebecca. (If Alvin survived) Alvin would tried to stop Rebecca from coming with Carver, but Rebecca insists that she is going, because... she wants to keep Alvin save. even though she says that in her face, Alvin can not accept his wife chooses another man. the remaining of the group piling against each other in the back of the truck, as Bonnie shuts the door.

*THE WALKING DEAD logo appears*

as the truck drives away on the dirt road. *EPISODE THREE: IN HARM'S WAY* appears.

in the truck. Clementine has an option to choose one of the peopl that were in there with her. (just like she did in All That Remains, when she meets the cabin survivors). the candidates are; Kenny, Sarita, Sarah, Carlos, Alvin (if Survived), and Nick (If Survived).

1) if chose Kenny. Clementine has an option to say whether she would say that she is sorry over Walter's death, telling him that she is scared. or asking Kenny about Luke's whereabouts.

1.a) Clementine says sorry regarding Walter's death. = Clementine give Kenny deep condolences about Walter's death to Kenny. Kenny then would say the dialogue he said in the trailer, which is that he knows he couldnt prevent Walter's death at the hands of Carver's but one of them didnt just give up. obviously hinting towards Luke, who told him to stay hidden untul Carver leaves, so that they would have much more bigger chance to help the captived ones survive. however, Kenny disagree, and thus... explained why Luke is not in presence.

  • the truck stops*

1.b) Tells Kenny that she is scared. Clementine would tell Kenny that she is scared. Kenny would comfort him, by hugging her, and then the two would sit side by side. Kenny embrace Clementine by the shoulder, and Clenetine would tell Kenny that she is still upset over Walter's death. Kenny then (again) would say the dialgoue that was heard from the trailer. and then Kenny would tell Clementine that he shouldve listen to Luke, about staying low until everything is over to save the others.

  • the truck stops*

1.c) Clemetine asks about Luke's whereabouts. Clementie would ask about Luke's whereabouts. but Kenny would stay quiet. (If Nick is alive) Nick would join Clementine in their conversation about Luke, and ask Kenny about Luke's whereabouts. eventually, after Clementine has an option to push Kenny to the edge. Kenny would tell Luke's whereabouts. which explains the plan Luke gave to him, but Kenny disobeyed him, thus, explains why Luke is not in presence. everyone seems glad that Luke is still out there and alive.

  • the truck stops*

2) Carlos. if Clementine chose Carlos. Carlos would ask her a favor to help him fix his fingers. Clementine, helps him fixes his fingers by snapping the fingers. after it ends. Carlos would thank her, and asking where she learned all of that stuffs. Clementine would mention Christa taught her everything. Carlos would visually touched.

  • the truck stops*

3) Sarah. Sarah would be seen sitting right next to her father, visually frighten, hugging her legs. Clementine would be given two options to just smile at her, or telling her everything is going to be fine. Sarah would then thank Clementine (if in "A House Divided" you chose to surrender) for not forgetting about her, and the rest including his father. because she knows Carlos wouldnt be here right next to her if Clementine, Alvin, and Rebecca didnt sirrender. Clemetine just smiles, as Carlos tells his daughter that he wont going anywhere. after saying so, Carlos would ask her a favor, to fix his fingers. the rest of the intercourse would be the same as if you chose Carlos.

  • the truck stops*

4) Sarita. Sarita would ask Clementine whetehr or not she is okay? Clementine would be given two options to say what she fells. "i'm fine." "i'm scared."

if you chose to say she's fine. Sarita would smiles, and then asks her about Kenny. Clementine then would be given some options to be chose. whether she would say that Kenny is going to be fine, or she is worry about him.

while, if you chose to say she's scared. Sarita would reply, "me too." then she would bring Matthew and Walter to the conversation. saying that she still overwhelmed by the fact that Walter go assassinated by Carver, and Matthew is still missing. Clementine then would be given two choices about whether she would tell her about Matthew.

if Clementine chose to tell her the truth. Sarita would seems upset, and if Nick still alive. Sarita would slaps him, and yelling. thus, telling everyone and the rest of the cabin survivors whom still dont know about the fact taht the guy on the bride was Matthew. shocked. Kenny would back Sarita, and tried to punch Nick in the face just like he did in Crawford after he knows that Ben was the caused of the raid in the motel. Clementine then would be given some options about whether she would arbitrate Kenny from Nick by punching Kenny, telling him to calm down. or just stay in place.

if she chose to arbitrate the fight. Kenny would accidentally pushed Clementine to the ground, which shocked the others and Kenny himself. Kenny would say he is sorry. then Clementine would be given two options about whether she would go hostile towards Kenny, or stay civil.

  • the truck stops*

5) Nick (Determinant) Nick would thank her for not leaving him behidn when the walker that almost killed him bit him. Clementine then reply taht it was not her who saved him, but Walter. "yeah i know.." Nick replies. then he would said that it was all his fault, Matthew, and Walter. Clemenitine then has two option to console Nick. either she would cuddle him that it's not his fault. or telling him that everything wouldnt be like it is if he hadnt pull the trigger. either way. Nick would shift the conversation to Luke's whereabouts. Clementine has an option too show she is concern about Luke, or telling him that Luke is tough and would be okay. either choice. Kenny would tell them that Luke is fine. "how so?" Kenny didnt answer.

  • the truck stops*

6) Alvin (Determinant) Alvin would tell Clementine that he is dissapointed with Rebecca because that baby is not his. Clementine the would be given two option about whether she would tell him that she knew it all along that that baby is not his, or she lied. either way, Alvin would say thank you to her for saving him (if you chose to [PROTECT ALVIN] previously in A House Divided when Carver is about to kill him])

  • the truck stops*

*obtaining the "New Fish" achievement*

from outside, we saw that the truck driving towards Carver's community gate. from the top of the gate. we see Annie, and that other new character that was leaked. someone opening the gate, and the truck enters. after that, we see Bonnie opens the doors of the truck. and ordering the new fishes to walk out from the truck quietly in civil ways. after everyone is out. the rest of the members of Carver's community gasp in shock, as they realized the people are those who left the community which are Carlos, and the gang. amongst the people, they were those 400 days characters that were left with Tavia. and Tavia herself is amongst them.

Carver then would deliver his lines about bringing back the people into the fold,and telling the others that they are their brothers and sisters. and those who didnt accept their love, would surely wish they did. after the speech...

(If Alvin alive). Carver would take Alvin away, and telling him that they need to talk. Rebecca would try to desperately stop Carver, but she failed to do so. (If Alvin died). Carver would smack Kenny in the face, and ask him where Luke is. Kenny stays strong and thus, making Carver beat him numerous counts, as the people watched in horror. while Carver still beats Kenny to the ground. Troy, and Bonnie takes Clementine, and the rest of the new fishes away from the scene. Clementine would desperately tried to stay with Kenny, and yells at Carver to stop.visually crying. but she failed to do so.

the group were taken to a house. Clementine would yell at Bonnie to let em go, and tell Carver to stop. Bonnie would answer that she cant. no one cant. everything then fell quiet. Bonnie, and Troy would be shows visually upset by what Carver is doing. then Troy would instruct the group their chores. except for Rebecca.

there are two options for achieving the "Long Way Down" achievement.

a) (If Alvin died) KABLAM! a gunshot heard. Clementine ran to the windows, only to found that Kenny has been shot, and Carver orders one of the 400 Days Character to drag Kenny's body away.

b) (If Alvin lives) Clementine do her chores, (i dont have an idea about what her chores is), while walking across a house, she heard sscreaming from someone that sounds very familiar. it was Alvin, she peeked herself from the windows to see what the hell is happening inside, only to see Carver torturing Alvin to death. after Alvin dies, Clementine, still in shock. ran away, and found Sarah. Sarah noticed her terrifed face, and asks her what made her feel so terrified? Clementine chose not to tell her, and the two continue doing their chores.

*obtaining the "Long Way Down" achievement*

while doing their chores with Sarah. Bonnie would tell Clementine that Carver is looking for her. Clementine leaves her chores, met Carver at the rooftop. there. Carver apologizes for what he did to Kenny (if Alvin died in A House Divided, Carver would mention that he is sorry to Clementine for killing Kenny) then Carver would ask her about Rebecca, about her being, showing that he didnt regret killing Alvin. "is she okay?" asks Carver, Clementine would be given some options that would depend her answer. one of which would be, "what do you care?" carver then explains; that the baby in her tummy is his, not Alvin's. Clementine would say that she knew before he told her, or stays quiet. "Rebecca didnt tell you?" asks Carver, if she didnt say anything. but if Clementine said she knew it wayyy before, Carver would ask, "what Rebecca has told her, besides the baby?" concerning Rebecca might hate him. Clementine just stays quiet. Carver then asks Clementine about Luke whereabouts, and tells Clementine that he would do anything to prevent him from returning and take everything he just got. (which is Rebecca). Clementine just stays quiet.

*obtaining "One Long Day" achievement*

It's afternoon. Clementine is walking on the street, to a room where; Rebecca and Sarita is in. Clementine enters the room, and the interactions would be differ depends on who got killed;

If Alvin got killed; Sarita would be seen alongside with Kenny trying to coax Rebecca from her despair.

If Kenny got killed; Rebecca would be seen trying to resonate Sarita about their remorse for losing their loved one. Clementine stays quite, and then leaves the two.

If Nick lives. Nick would tell her about the larceny that they might have to do in order to tell Luke what is happening inside the community.

If Nick dies. Carlos would be the one who told Clementine to commit the larceny.

when the night comes. Clementine, and the person who suggested the larceny committed the larceny. Clementine sneaked away into a warehouse full of weapons, and radios, but only to find that Bonnie with the 400 days survivors whom left with Tavia there. talking about how terrible Carver is and suggesting that they might have to go, but Bonnie tells the latter that everything is going to be fine, and saying that Carver did what he had to do. the latter then left Bonnie, and Bonnie found Clementine. the two talk, asking why Clementine is there. Clementine then given some options about what to tell Bonnie. either choice. Bonnie would believe Clementine, and the two talk briefly, and apparently bonded at each other (well sort of, since Clementine only talked nice to make Bonnie believe she is to be trusted). Bonnie brings Clementine to her room, and visually tucking her in. Clemenitne then pretending to fall asleep, when she thinks eveyrthing is quiet and Bonnie has left her alone. Clementine sneaked away from her room, back to the warehouse. she found the door to be locked, and she busted it open, (i dont know with what). she opens the door, and got the wlakie talkies. she went back from the warehouse, and went straight to Carlos/Nick's room. tehn the two talked about their plans, which is the latter would cover Clementine's disappearance when she go out from the community to find Luke and save the day. Clementine agrees, and sneaks away from the room.

*obtaining "Always the Quiet Ones" achievement*

Clementine is outside, sneaking towards the fences. seeing Annie upset and then sad after what her friend said. seems to be distracted, giving Clementine a chance to sneak out. she did it. she is out in the open now. running into the woods, fought a few walkers, and when she got pinned down by one last walker. Luke saved her. Clementine then given some choices about how she would greet Luke's reappearance. she would either hug her, or being a sassy Clem asking where was he when Carver's gang showed up. Luke explained what happened, and Clementine understood. Luke then asked about how the others? tehn he asked about Nick, "did Nick make it?" if Nick died. Clementine has an option to tell Luke the truth, or lie to him. either way. Clementine would give him the walkie talkie, and then tell him the plan she, and Carlos/Nick made. Luke understands, and Clementine rushes back into Carver's.

everything seems quite, but after a while. she feels something is fishy. she went back to Carlos's/Nick's room. only to find that Carver held the latter hostage. Clementine then got startled by Carver and Bonnie. whom held Nick/Carlos hostage, revealing that Carver has been keeping an eye all this time to Clementine, and found out what she was doing.

Clementine got bounded on the chair, along side Carlos/Nick. they got beaten down, just like Bigby did to his hostage. only this time, the player is the one who got beaten. Carver beats Nick, and order Bonnie to beat Clementine. Bonnie refuses, and make Carver slaps her, and beat Clementine himself. Clementine has an option to break or stay strong. either way.

*obtaining "Not In Nottingham" achievement*

a loud siren sound heard outside. everyone panicked. Carver left Bonnie (who was unconscious with Clementine, and Nick/Carlos). Carver stands on the rooftop. and sees a large herd coming towards the community. Carver orders everyone to be in formation, and kill all the walkers. 400 days characters were there. and they all ended up shooting at the walkers. but the walkers are too many.

meanwhile, Clementine, and Carlos/Nick is still bounded to the chair. Bonnie slowly regain consciousness. Carlos/Nick is asking Clementine about whether they should trust her or not. Clementine chose to trusts her and ask Bonnie for her help. Bonnie untied them from the chairs. this the three immediately ran out from the room, found Rebecca in the chaos that's happening.

a.) If Alvin was saved in A House Divided Rebecca would ask Clementine, and her current companion along with Bonnie to find Alvin after she told Clementine about Sarita went to find her. but Clementine tell her to stay safe, and bring her to a room. if Carlos was the companion. Carlos would leave the group to find his daughter.

b.) If Alvin was killed in A House Divided Rebecca would tell Clementine about Sarita and Kenny went to find her. if Carlos was the companion. Carlos would leave the group regardless, to find his daughter. and Clementine along with Bonnie would bring Rebecca to safety.

*obtaining "Come Hither" achievement*

the three ('four is Nick was saved) reached safety. Rebecca suddenly feels the bbay is coming. (just like Lori's situation from the TV series). the baby is coming, and the others were forced to deliever the baby under the circumstances where everything is fucked. the baby was delivered, but Rebecca dies. (which explained the 'GAVE WHAT YOU GOT).

*obtaining "Rehabilitated" achievement"

Clementine, and the remaining companions went out from the building with the newborn baby only to find that everything has been lost to the herd. in the center of the chaos, they found Carlos, and Sarah struggling amongst the walkers. Nick, and Bonnie tried to helped them, but Carlos sacrificing himself in order for his daughter to survive. seeing her father got devoured. Sarah ceased to function.

the episode then end with the cliffhanger of whether Clementine, and Bonnie (with Nick) could save Sarah.

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