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DLC Lilly as one of the next installments of the walking dead video game franchise?

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Would we see Lilly again in the next installment of the Walking Dead game franchise?

— Would we see Lilly again after she departed or being left out on the road in "Long Road Ahead"?

As for me. Either it is a yes or a no of would we see Lilly again in the next installment of the video game franchise.

I'd love to see her again, not as one of the main characters in the second season--but in a DLC that specially made for her. That would be awesome am I right ? I do not mind seeing her being killed off on the final scene of the DLC because (I personally think) death will do her justice. Only death will do her justice. If she survives over and over again it would be...meh. even Lee--whom y'all knew he was a tough son of a bitch--dies. It would be more delusional for her to survive, right? (Didn't mean to be sexist btw. I'm just trying to be realistic here.)

leave your comment below. :)

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