Hey guys, as y'all already knew that the first episode of the walking dead's fourth season is going to be called; "30 days without an accident". And now what I'm going to talk about in this blog is about what would be In this episode. Well, I think that we would see Morgan appears again after the even of "clear".

— for example: (Y'all remember right the first ever exclusive photo of the fourth season that features Rick standing like watching something in the woods with a walker walking toward him as a background.) Well I speculate that we would see Rick, freezez up when he is shocked of seeing Morgan in front of him, (not too close though), seeing him fighting the walkers that surrounding him desperately--Morgan eventually sees Rick, distracted, and got bit. Daryl, Rick, Glenn, Maggie, and Carol! Help him and get him to the prison.

He unconcious after the group tried to help him by cutting one of his limb that got bit, he awakes a moments later, talking to Rick and. Tells him that what he says back then (in Clear) was wrong. And telling rick that he has always been right about everything, about him that he could get back from everything that pulls him away from his sanity. And tells rick that he only acts crazy and ignorant towards everything that happens around him for pressing the reality of he had a son whom is now dead, and had a wife whom killed his own son. He just wanted to feel the burden of the apocalypse's life goes away. That's why he was seen in the woods near the prison. He wanted to join Rick because he wants to fight and try to survive the plague with Rick.

Morgan eventually dies just like his comicc counterpart. The group bury him, and at that very time. The group sees Martinez and Shumpert--just right on the road, walking toward the prison gates. The group immediately fortify the prison yards with their guns. Saying what the hell are they doing here. Shumpert and Martinez then say that they don't want any trouble, all they ever wanted is to be helped after where hthey were with Governor got raid by walkers.

— What do you guys think? I mean, this is just purely a speculation about what we might gonna see in the episode. And I don't like that much about the part where Martinez and Shumpert go to the prison and asking for help, it's kinda cliche but I think it fits the bills.