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  • Bernadusandrew
    Spoil Soup Episode 1
    In Harm's Way

    hey guys, this is my first blog here in walkingdead.wikia.com after a long hiatus from blogging. so, as someof you might realized that the content and the blog was already been posted in the thread, but, i was thinking that maybe i should put this in a blog. so, im gonna excuse myself for that because the content of this blog numbered at 300+ words.

    In this blog, it's time for us to spoil ourselves! as evident by Job J Stauffer tweeting again, and again, and again hinting towards the release date and the content of the third episode, In Harm's Way. so, i think it's perfect for us to make a forum, about spoiling ourselves.

    UPDATE: Job J Stauffer has just tweeted that the trailer is due to out tomorrow!

    the epis…

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  • Bernadusandrew

    hi guys, so recently just got interested in making a custom character model for Luke in left 4 dead 2. i downloaded the OBJ files but i can not understand how to make it works. i googled the tutorials but it seems like it i too much for me, i am not a computer whiz so... if someone could help me, it would be much appreciated!

    here's the link to the OBJ files. http://tf3dm.com/download-page.php?url=luke-79449

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  • Bernadusandrew

    What if Andrea made it to Season four. the title explains it all. the season 4 has been concluded. so, what do you think about the last episode? "A". i think it was my top on my favorites list. toppping "The Grove" which was the 14th episode of the 4th season. so, tonight, or.. today. im going to discuss with you, WHAT IF. Andrea survives the Governor's torture chamber...and Carol got KILLED in "Killer Within" like it was originally planned.

    first of all.

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  • Bernadusandrew

    hey guys, just wanna ask you guys somethine about ... what Laura Perusco said.. she said that the episode would be released almost certainly earlier than the last two. do you believe of what she said? or she;s just trolling all of us to creat such a hype that would escalate the popularity of the product?

    also, check out the forums i made.



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  • Bernadusandrew


    February 28, 2014 by Bernadusandrew

    hey guys, this is ( think) my second blog this wek, and i apologize for that. but i have this idea about an epic polls. i would love to share it to you and see you participate in it. so... here we go!

    you're clementine. (obviously) because this poll will set in the video game's universe. and you'll have to pick one of the characters below whom listed--just one... who would you save? you are surrounded by a herd of thousand of walkers like what we saw in Isolation. and you.. as Clementine, see a way out, but you can only save one before time runs out. who would you save??

    the results of those two polls above would be announced tomorrow, and the two candidates from those two polls, would be confronted and let's see who matter the most!

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