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This morning I had the opportunity to participate in an interview with The Walking Dead showrunner Glen Mazzara and actor Steven Yeun who portrays Glenn. Here's how they responded to questions about the shocking Season 3 premiere episode Seed, as well as topics for the entire Season 3. This interview contains SPOILERS so don't read it if you haven't seen Seed yet! I've included a cool video review of the episode at the end of the interview which you can also check out....

QUESTION: Glenn is one of the characters that has changed the most so far in the show. Has this Zombie Apocalypse brought about some changes in him for the good?

SY: Well, true, his development is amazingly drawn out by the writers. I think in Season 2 he really comes into his own. Part of this is of course due to his relationship with Maggie. He’s really learned the importance of taking care of others and that’s a big part of becoming an adult.

QUESTION: Season 3 feels very ambitious. What challenges were there getting it written and maybe also getting it approved?

GM: Writing it was actually pretty easy. I had it in my head mostly and there’s a tremendous amount of prep work that goes into shooting. There really wasn’t any problem with getting it approved. AMC has been incredibly supportive so far.... The sense of scale will persist throughout the season. The scope of what this cast and crew is able to achieve is really amazing, like a film set. We just write it big and then they get it done!

QUESTION: There was a little bit of complaining from fans last season that the Farm felt a little too safe. Did you worry at all that you could run up against some of the same issues with the team at The Prison?

GM: You notice in the first episode that Rick is very worried about making sure the fence is secure. It begs this question- how much of the prison is secure? How many areas are unsecured within the prison? We paid particular attention to making the prison a very dangerous place, so the idea that the prison is too safe, it’s just not an issue...

The Season 3 premiere had some noticeably lighter moments and all seemed more optimistic for a while, until of course the shocking occurrence at the end....How might Hershel’s leg amputation affect his ability to watch out for Lori’s baby?

QUESTION: We learned in the Season 2 series final that Rick knew the entire group was infected with the virus....will we learn any more answers about this in this Season- possibly even from a medical viewpoint?

GM: Well, it’s important the characters not know too much. This is about in many ways figuring out how to act with limited information at hand. There is a character in the prison named Nopin who will try to tackle some of the infection issues, but he’s not a scientist. But at the same time, we were very mindful of how to use the fact that any character could become a zombie and the possible twists this could lead to. It’s something we’ll play with throughout the season, perhaps more in the later part. Also, not everybody knows this information- just Rick’s group- so that’s also something we can use....

QUESTION: The Season 3 teasers showed us a medley of characters and subplots- Michonne, The Governor, Woodbury...yet none of these figured very prominently in the Season 3 premiere. Are you concerned that people might feel cheated by the teaser?

GM: Well, the teaser you are referring to was a season three teaser, so I think showing things from the entire season is fair game. Look, each week we’ll be telling different stories. You may not even see much of Rick in a particular episode. Each chapter contributes to the greater whole, however. We’re trying to pack as much story as we can into every episode so there’s never a stall.

QUESTION: When Hershel got bit, it looked at though the Zombie was awake and had set a trap for him? Was this the case?

GM: No. He’s what we call a “lurker.” This has happened in the show previously. A Zombie is out of it due to lack of nourishment, but then is suddenly startled awake by the sound or smell of a human. The Walker was not laying a trap. That’s beyond their capabilities. We spend a lot of time talking about the Zombie Rules and making sure we’re consistent with them.

QUESTION: In Seed, the group went about killing the zombies in a pretty nonchalant, emotionally disconnected way. Should we expect this to last?

GM: Lemme say this. Part of our process for this season was to do some reading. I put together a reading list that included Sebastian Junger’s “War.” The idea that they bond and stick together at all costs is really inspiring. One of the themes for this season is a tightened group against all others.

SY: They’re clearly weathered. There’s one moment early on- a sort of tag team killing- that shows they’re really experts at this now...They’ve figured out tactically how to most effectively deal with the Walkers.

Video Review

Talking Walking Dead - "Seed" Episode Review05:38

Talking Walking Dead - "Seed" Episode Review

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