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Last week I had to opportunity to participate in an interview with showrunner Glen Mazzara and actor Steven Yeun (Glenn). This week I had the chance to pose some questions to actor Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd about last night's second episode of Season 3, "Sick." Below is a transcript of the interview, followed by a video review of the episode. Warning, spoilers ahead!

QUESTION: In last night’s episode, Rick dispatched of the other inmates quite ruthlessly. He also ran after one of them quite recklessly. Do you think he’s in danger of becoming like Shane and losing his humanity?

A.L.: Well, his humanity is intact but his ruthlessness has moved into Shane territory I think. Don’t forget he’s been pushed into these circumstances, so I don’t think he has the most stable mind frame. When he chases that prisoner down the hallway, he’s like a serial killer running after his prey. There’s a moral ambiguity at work that is the most important thing for me as an actor. He’s pushed into this corner for sure, but all his decision come out of selflessness, which is important to remember.

QUESTION: Do you think Rick Grimes is going to see a little bit of himself in The Governor?

A.L.: It’s an interesting idea. Perhaps they are both reluctant leaders and they don’t have anyone to share their burden with. Also, I always say with Rick that everything costs him something and changes him. Her’s very mercurial and elusive. I’m not sure the Governor has the same level of guilt that Rick has, but you’d have to ask David Morrissey. It’s absolutely an interesting idea...

QUESTION: Can you discuss the relationship between Rick and Daryl, who seems to have become his second-in-command now...

A.L.: Norman Reedus is an incredibly instinctive actor. I often say he went to cool school. Everything he does or says is just cool. He’s a very fluid actor and Daryl is for sure his wing man now. Rick is smart enough to realize his best warrior is Daryl so he often defers to him even. I think part of their shorthand comes from the fact that Daryl understands the burden of responsibility perhaps the most out of anybody in the group.

QUESTION: Stepping back a bit, what was it about the premise of the show that drew you both to it?

G.A.H.: It was just absolutely riveting and a wonderful morality play and lent itself so well to the television medium.

A.L.: Yeah, same kinda thing. I’d never read anything like it before. It was the story more than the character of Rick per se that drew me in...the opportunity to say something about humanity. We tell an incredibly human story.

QUESTION: Rick has a lot on his plate this season.... What are his biggest challenges do you think and is he aware of them?

A.L.: His major problem I think is his marriage and the immense strain it’s been put under. He and Lori, these are high school sweethearts. They love each other at a cellular level. But forces out of their control have conspired against them...with the baby about to be born, they have to find the time to heal, but can they?

Also, he’s acquitted himself well throughout the winter, like a general pushing his troops, but he’s constantly beating himself up. He’s aware of unrest in the group. He’s sort of coming apart but doing a good impersonation of keeping it together. And lots of his decision are going to come back to haunt him...

QUESTION: As it’s Halloween week, I’m wondering what scares both of you- on a personal level?

G.A.H.: What humans are capable of. Thinking about that keeps me up nights.

A.L.: The Omen!! That movie terrified me!

Talking Walking Dead - "Sick" Episode Review05:41

Talking Walking Dead - "Sick" Episode Review

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