Hey I Was Just Thinking If You Had A Zombie Survival Dream Team Who Would Be In It

To Reply Follow By This Guide Who You Would Have In It And Why Then At The End What Vehicles You Would Use And Where Would You Base Be

REMEMBER: Your Dream Team Can Have Any Land Vehicle That Really Exsists, Any Character From Any Film, TV Show Or Comic But After You Have Wrote There Name Put A Colon ( : ) And What They Are Off And Then Why.

My Dream Team:

  • Hit-Girl : Kick-Ass : Because She Is An Athletic Girl And Is A Very Good Sharpshooter And Is Good With Knives And Blades And Knows Alot About Guns
  • Big-Daddy : Kick-Ass : Because He Is A Very Good Sharpshooter And Has Many Types Of Guns And Knows Alot About Guns
  • Glenn : The Walking Dead : Because He Is Very Agile And Is A Supply Runner So Can Get Supplies When Needed
  • Michonne : The Walking Dead : Because Is A Very Good Person And Good With A Sword
  • Dr. Denise Cloyd : The Walking Dead : Because Is A Doctor And Very Young
  • Batman : Batman : Possibly One Of The Greatest Superheroes, Has Many Gadgets, A Base And Mansion And A Good Fighter

Vehicle(s) :

  • Mini Bus : Because Can Carry Many Survivors
  • Lorry : Because Can Carry Many Supplies And Guns
  • Ambulance : Because Can Carry All Of The Medical Equipment

Base :

  • Possibly Something Like The Alexandra Safe-Zone, But With A Better Reinforced 3 Layered Brick Wall.