Okay. This has absolutely NO SPOILERS in it what so ever. So I was thinking about the future of The Saviors and also thinking about a great twist or cliff hanger for the Comic Series.

now, as must of use probably know, Jeffery Grimes has an unknown status. And so I was thinking. Rick has been forced to join The Saviors to take half of many colony's supplies. He does not agree with Negan and creates a resistance so that he and a few other people that does not agree with Negan would kill him and create a plan to take over his group and kill Negan. As Rick is wondering around the Saviors base looking for a HQ that him and his friends could plan in, he finds his place somewhere. Then he travels around looking for resistance members to join and as he is searching. He finds his brother, Jeffrey.

Some members that would be apart of the resistance would be, and some of these members would be infiltrating the Savior's base so they would be Hilltop Colony members and Alexandria Safe-Zone members.: